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St. Cloud Residents Should Keep Sidewalks Clear Of Snow And Ice

12/05/2013 - 10:50 AM

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With the first major snowfall of the winter, St. Cloud area residents should know it’s their responsibility to keep their sidewalks clear.

According to St. Cloud Ordinance 680:05, property owners need to clear public sidewalks of snow and ice within one day of the end of a snowfall. Snowfall removal is needed to ensure the safety of people using the sidewalks in winter.

If you own property with a public sidewalk you must shovel all sides of your property with sidewalks, as well as remove ice from the pavement and then treat with salt or sand if needed.

If you have a corner property, clear the access to sidewalks and crosswalks to keep them handicap accessible. Pile snow in your yard because it’s illegal to shovel snow into the streets and alleys.

Also, make sure someone will shovel while you’re gone.

Failure to comply may result in snow and ice being removed by the city. The owner is then billed for the service and an unpaid bill will be added to your property tax statement.