kvsc_logo.gif1.)    When did you get involved with 88.1 FM?

I have been volunteering since June of 2008.

 2.)  What show(s) do you currently host on KVSC and what programs have you hosted in the past?

I am currently the host of the Wednesday Late Night Progressive Rock Show. I hosted Monday Night Live and the Monday Late Night Progressive Rock Show for about a year and a half. I started out on the early bird show, 6-9AM on Tuesday mornings. I have also co hosted many shows varing from the Undercurrents Punk Rock show to the Saturday Sunsplash.

 3.) Please list some of the artists and musicians you consider to be a must play on your show(s)?

I always have to play Mister, Show.. Tom Waits.

4.) Why are you involved with independent community radio at 88.1 FM?

What other station could I be involved with that actually plays good music besides KVSC.

5.) What is in your personal CD player, iPod, or mp3 right now (BE HONEST)?
Well I don't have a CD player or tape deck in my car, but my Ipod is set to the one and only Operation Ivy.
6.) Please disclose the most embarrassing music moment or concert you’ve attended or album you’ve bought (perhaps even shameful)
Hour and a half of dead air...oops...
7.) What are your hobbies and interest?
I enjoy making people smile. Oh yeah, and hacky sack.
8.) When you are not at work or KVSC, where can you most likely be found?
On the dusty shores of the Mississippi River.
9.) If it were the end of the world and you could only take five things with you, what would they be (BE HONEST)?
Music, seinfeld, my mom, the movie "The Jerk," Pauly Shore
10.) What do you think is the future of radio?