1.     When and why did you get involved with 88.1FM?

I got involved with KVSC in the fall of 2015. One of the first people I met when I got to St. Cloud State University told me to go and check out KVSC, so I did!

2.     What show(s) do you currently host on KVSC?

I currently host the Morning Show Pt. 1 on Mondays, the Alt. 13/Crispy Bacon New Music Showcase every other Tuesday, and I am that pre-recorded voice you hear on Crispy Critics on Wednesdays.

3.     Please list some of the artists and musicians that you consider a must play on your show(s).

Pavement, Eric Mayson, Dan Deacon, R.E.M., Juliana Hatfield (literally anything she’s been a part of), and Digable Planets.

4.     What music do you listen to when you’re not tuned into KVSC?

Tunes from sad singer-songwriters who need to get a grip on reality.

5.     What is the most embarrassing (perhaps even shameful) music phase you have gone through?

When I was angstier, I would listen to Mudvayne, Slipknot, and Chevelle because active rock was what my heart sang.

6.     What are your hobbies and/ or interests? 

I sound like a broken record but I like to play music too. I play drums in a band with my good friend who may or may not work here and I also like to produce ambient music that is difficult to fall asleep to. When I’m not doing that, I am allowing my brain to rot by watching YouTube.

7.     When you are not at work or KVSC where can you most likely be found?

Probably partaking in those hobbies and interests I listed above. ^^^

8.     What’s the most challenging part of being a radio DJ?

For me, the most challenging part of being a radio DJ is multitasking and not fumbling my words.

9.     What would you like to be doing in five years?