Cold off the street after being a fan for a while.  Actually, I met some of the DJ's at Benton County Fair in 2002, the year I moved to Saint Cloud, I was hooked.

It's important for independent community radio to survive and thrive in this world of sound bites and plastic corporate music.  THIS is IMPORTANT and I want to put in my hand to help

Various, I was Assistant Music Director from 2002-2005 and I've done pretty much all of it.  Currently I am Training Director and loving helping the new faces at 27 Stewart Hall.  Favorites shows of mine are Diversions, GCRC, and Classic Rock

Too many to name and too diverse to consider.

Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Death Cab For Cutie, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Atmosphere.

I once got locked out of the building at my first radio gig...ask me sometime...:)  Otherwise, I once owned Vanilla Ice's "Too the Extreme" cassette, but redeemed myself for trading it for a Jane's Addiction tape.  After that, Ice, Ice, Baby was quickly replaced with Summertime Rolls

MUSIC!  and movies...about it.

A cat...what other animal can sleep 23 hours a day and get attention on their own terms?

Listening to music, going to shows or watching movies at home or in the theater.

My music

A way to play it

...the others will hopefully work out somehow.

Justin Bieber or Nickelback...both were met with boisterous laughter and a cut of the phone call.

Any trivia and the times talking with the late, great Marty Sundvall.

Too depressing to think about...but I for one want to guard one of the last bastion of true radio.