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St. Cloud To Hold Womens March and Rally 2019

Organizers in St. Cloud are hosting the first ever Womens Wave March and Rally in conjunction with the rally in Washington D.C. on January 19, 2019.

In this podcast, local community organizer Hedy Tripp, senior majoring in Social Work at SCSU Carlee Staples and Residence Hall Director Tori Carlson, who also attended the 2017 national Women's March join Jo McMullen to discuss the event, their personal stories and hopeful outcomes from the Womens Wave rallying held in St. Cloud.

The organizers have a message that they believe women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights.


2018 SCSU Presidential Update with Dr. Robbyn Wacker

Every semester here on KVSC we talk to our school president to get an overview of what is going on around the university and to get a glimpse of what plans are to look forward to.  From tenured professor, to a senior campaign adviser, to senior vice president of academic affairs at University of Colorado to finally the new President of St. Cloud State University, Dr. Robbyn Wacker gives us the inside scope. 

Listen to the podcast to lean more about Dr. Robbyn Wacker and her plans for St. Cloud State University.




Author Nate Cannon Shares his Journey in Writing his Second Book

Writing a book is no easy task but for one author writing a second book was his way of continuing what he started, but now as his true self. KVSC News Director Spencer Schacht spent time with Author Nate Cannon to talk about what makes his second book special.

This is the full conversation where they talk about everything from the new book, Dying to Hang with the Boys, to Cannons work in the community through the Minnesota Science Museum and the St. Paul Police department, and how running marathons has helped Cannon with his transition.


Building 51 Renamed to Ruby Cora Webster Hall

On Monday St. Cloud State University officially renamed Building 51 to Ruby Cora Webster Hall, after the first African American women to graduate from SCSU. Attending the ceremony was special guests, Webster's extended Family. Ruby Webster's Granddaughter drove all the way down from Winnipeg, Canada to give a speech in honor of her grandmother for the naming ceremony.


Stacia Goodman Designs Mosaic for the School of Human and Health Services

88.1 FM KVSC Assistant News Director Evan Michealson had a chance to sit down and talk to mosaic artist and freelance writer Stacia Goodman, who is designing a mosaic for the renovations at Eastman Hall at St. Cloud State University, which will host the School of Human and Health Services. Goodman talks about the theme of the design, the story behind her getting the important job, and ties to the university.


New President Dr. Robbyn Wacker Sets Her Stage at St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State University's 24th President, and first woman President, Dr. Robbyn Wacker welcomed faculty and staff at her first formal address on campus, the Fall Convocation on August 21, 2018.

In this podcast you will learn about her personal journey as well as the President's vision as she leads the 150-year-old institution. Interim Provost Dan Gregory introduces the new top leader.




Central Minnesota Education Institutions Improve Diversity Amongst Leadership

May 2018--KVSC's Josh Nguyen examined the diversity of the leadership in education in St. Cloud. Over the last decade, Central Minnesota's demographics have changed drastically. Those changes included the influx of Latino residents in the late 90's and increase of Somali immigrants in the "00's." The make-up of the area looks a lot different. 

We've seen the growing pains across the region but no area has been impact more than our local schools. The faculty at most local school do not reflect the community's demographic make-up. But luckily, that's starting to change.

On the latest program we discuss that issue with one of the area's newest leaders, Al Johnson. He officially become the principal at Apollo High School in April. We discuss his approach to education through inclusion.

We also chat with Minnesota State's newest Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Clyde Pickett. He tells us the challenges of hiring minority candidates in greater Minnesota.


Impact of Census Citizen Question Examined

May 1, 2018 St. Cloud, MN

The 2020 United States Census is just over a year away and question with major implications is coming back. Are you a citizen? On the program today, we will dive into what that could mean for the Granite City. How it impacts the Somali community? How impacts our schools? Most importantly, how it could impact you. 

Our three guests include, a former Minnesota state representative, a community activist and a Census researcher. 


Costco Is Coming To St. Cloud, But At What Cost?

ST. CLOUD, Minn -- March 26, 2018


It's been exactly one month since the official announcement came, that an area around Heritage Park would become a Costco. But for the better part of the year, St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis dropped hints that this was the plan all along. This arrangement angered many people within the community and that lead to some contentious interactions at city hall. 


Over that month, the city council meetings have been filled with arguments and accusations. 


On this program we take a look at how it got there. We talk with all the players involved. You'll hear from two city council members, a St. Cloud citizen and a 14 year-old-year boy who showed us how to do local government right. 


While listening, think about what process tells us about civic engagement and civil discourse.


St. Cloud Police Renew Community Agreement With Guidance From Chief Blair Anderson

(Feb. 2018, St. Cloud, Minn.) “St. Cloud is big enough to make a difference but small enough to make it happen,” said James Albert II, pastor at Higher Ground Church in St. Cloud. “We have made something happen that only other places can dream of.”


Groups from all over the community joined forces with the police department on how they can better protect and serve the community.

“It’s more of a social contract opposed to a binding legal contract. The most important thing that happened over these meetings has been the relationship building,” said W.B. Anderson, Chief of Police for the St. Cloud Police Department. “Some of the things that in there are an explanation of our complaint process. What they can expect from an encounter with a police officer.”


There are a lot of hugs and laughs being shared today but it wasn’t always so jovial. It was a year filled with 20 long meetings for the group to come to a consensus on the department’s Community Policing Agreement. The former agreement was last put in place in 2005.


Eunice Adjei is an advocate and chairs the St. Cloud Human Rights Commission and she says that these meetings mirror the philosophy and approach of Anderson. “Just to call him up and say this is happening in our community and can you meet for a coffee? He will show up. For a leader to be that approachable and have the time to sit with you and hear your concerns, I think it’s phenomenal.”  


One of the most important items in the agreement is that, they won’t wait another decade to review and revise it. Each year, this group will meet to make any changes.


If you’d like to learn more on this story, you can find a podcast on the topic in the links below.

Click on the photo to watch the video story.



SCSU College Republicans "Wall" Display Sparks Controversy

ST. CLOUD, Minn. Feb. 1, 2018 - The St. Cloud State University student group, SCSU College Republicans, created a display on the SCSU campus of what the group calls "the wall." It consists of a collage of hand-drawn posters that illustrate conservative ideology. In this KVSC Campus Report podcast many campus students share their disgust and outrage of the display, and the SCSU College Republicans president, Matt Eike shares his explanation of the event.


Beyond the Headlines: Why is Net Neutrality Important?

How often do you use the internet? Most would say daily or even constantly but that could all change in the near future. On Friday, December 14th the FCC will be voting on whether or not to keep net neutrality. While not everyone knows what net neutrality is, it plays a large part on how everyone uses the internet. In this episode of Beyond the Headlines, KVSC News Director Spencer Schacht logs on to learn the importance of net neutrality.


St. Cloud City Council on Refugee and Immigrant Resettlement

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) - The St. Cloud City Council has passed a resolution proclaiming it's a "welcoming community" after one council member proposed a moratorium on refugee resettlement. The council chambers were full of supporters who cheered, as well as others that did not feel the same.

The resolution passed Monday, October 23, 2017 on a 5-1 vote. The member who voted against the resolution was Jeff Johnson. Last week, Johnson said he wanted to limit refugee resettlement until the city gets more information about the number of people moving to St. Cloud and the possible cost to taxpayers for providing services.

Johnson planned to bring up his proposal at a council meeting next month. Monday's resolution was introduced by Jeff Goerger to counter his fellow councilman. The St. Cloud Times reports Goerger said it's important to show that "this one guy" doesn't represent the "voice of the people of our community."


SCSU Hosts Discussion on Campus and Community Partnerships in a 21st Century

Interim President of St. Cloud State University Ashish Vaidya moderated a partnerships discussion featuring community leaders on Jan. 4, 2017:


(Left to right) Dave Kleis ’89, St. Cloud mayor; Ashish Vaidya, SCSU president; Kenneth Holmen, president of CentraCare Health; Patti Gartland ’80, president of Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation.

 “The Role of Reciprocal Partnerships in Building the 21st Century Engaged University” was the theme of the panel as part of the university's spring semester convocation with faculty and staff.

Photo credit: Adam Hammer, University Communications


Will Allen of Growing Power Shares His Amazing Journey In Urban Farming

Will Allen, CEO of Growing Power visited St. Cloud State University in October 2016 to share his inspiring journey. He was here as part of the SCSU Common Reading program.

Will Allen has been at the forefront of innovative community gardening—specifically in urban areas. His book “The Good Food Revolution" is part of an academic program for new students.

He's a McArthur Genius Grant recipient and helped first lady Michelle Obama with the Let’s Move Initiative--and his ideas continue to be a the forefront of community building.

Allen's life is based on hard work, collaboration and his drive to build healthy and vibrant community through the power of locally raised good food.


St. Cloud State University Debates with Minn. Senate and House Candidates for 2016 Election

To encourage students to vote informed during the 2016 elections, St. Cloud State University Republicans and Democrats organized a debate with this year’s candidates representing the St. Cloud and surrounding areas.


The first debaters were candidates Dan Wolgamott and Jerry Relph running for Minn. State Senate to represent District 14. They shared their views on the state’s infrastructure, possible renovations on the SCSU campus that would turn Eastman Hall in to a modern health facility, and mistreatment issues of the criminal justice system.


Candidates for the House of Representatives for District 14A,  Zachary Dorholt and Jim Knoblach, answered questions of higher education funding and rights for the LGBTQ community.


Lastly, candidates Tama Theis and Aric Putnam for the House 14B seat debated over topics of Sunday liquor sales, a ranked choice voting system, and support for Minnesota’s educators. The debates were hosted Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016 in the Miller Center.


PT 2: St. Cloud State University Debates with Minn. Senate and House Candidates for 2016 Election

To encourage Husky students to vote informed during the 2016 elections, St. Cloud State University Republicans and Democrats organized a debate with this year’s candidates representing the St. Cloud and surrounding areas. 

Candidates for the House of Representatives for District 14A, Zachary Dorholt and Jim Knoblach, answered questions of higher education funding and rights for the LGBTQ community. 


PT 3: St. Cloud State University Debates with Minn. Senate and House Candidates for 2016 Election

To encourage Husky students to vote informed during the 2016 elections, St. Cloud State University Republicans and Democrats organized a debate with this year’s candidates representing the St. Cloud and surrounding areas.

Candidates Tama Theis and Aric Putnam for the House 14B seat debated over topics of Sunday liquor sales, a ranked choice voting system, and support for Minnesota’s educators. The debates were hosted Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016 in the Miller Center auditorium at 5 p.m. 


St. Cloud State University Press Conference on Tragic Death of President Earl Potter

St. Cloud State University President Earl H. Potter III passed away June 13, 2016. In honor of his death, St. Cloud State students and staff and St. Cloud community leaders gathered at a press conference the next day. MnSCU Chancellor Steven Rosenstone opened with words of condolence to Potter’s family and friends.

Following Rosenstone’s speech, Acting President (at the time) Ashish Vaidya, Mayor Dave Kleis and SCSU Student President Mikaela Johnson also shared their thoughts and personal stories of Potter’s legacy.

During his tenure, Potter oversaw the building of the Integrated Science and Engineering laboratory Facility (ISELF) and Coborn Plaza Apartments on the SCSU campus. He also sought improvements to the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center and renovation of Case-Hill Residence Hall.

President Earl H. Potter III held a doctorate in organizational psychology and a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Washington. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with honors from Williams College. From 1969-1993, he served in the U.S. Coast Guard and retired at the rank of captain.

Potter was 69 when he died. He is survived by his wife, Christine Potter, children and grandchildren.


President Earl Potter Talks About Budget Shortfall, Athletic Programs and New parking policies

President Potter at campus radio station KVSC 88.1News Director Mohammad Najafian talks with St. Cloud State University’s President Earl Potter about the university's budget shortfall and its impact. Potter also explains where the defect impact is on from general maintenance, staff to faculty positions. 

Matters relating to the elimination of the six athletic programs, new ways to generate revenue, recent passed motions, Fall enrollment, policies and the handling of a reported sexual assault that is being reviewed by a federal agency, the demolition of two of residential buildings on the campus, new parking policies, efforts to support the needs of low income students, among others things, were also discussed. 


Islamaphobia Presentation at St. Cloud State University

Islamophobia at SCSUAfter the terroristic attacks in Paris, California and other areas around the globe, SCSU decided to have a community dialogue about Islamophobia.

The director of Human Relations and Multicultural Education Center, Seyma Hakim, organized the speech. Jaylani Hussein, the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Minneapolis, spoke on February 9, 2016 about the unfounded reasons of Islamophobia and what should be done to improve the situation.

The News Director, Mohammad Najafian, spoke with Mr.Hussein about his presentation.


SCSU President Potter Update Live--December 2015

St. Cloud State University President Earl Potter joined KVSC news director Mohammad Najafian on December 16, 2015 for the latest presentation of Presidential Update Live. Some of the subjects discussed include:

—An update on the university's budget and budgetary decisions for this year and moving forward.

—The President’s opinion piece published  in the St. Cloud Times on the confederate flag, free speech and racial justice.

—Campus safety in light of school shootings and the university’s policy on weapons.

—Anti-Muslim fears and sentiments in our country and close to home.

—The goals and objectives of President Potter’s recent travel to China, and in the summer of 2015 as part of the trade mission to Mexico.


What St. Cloud Police Office Department Does To Protect SCSU

St.Cloud Police Officers assigned to SCSUThree St. Cloud police officers, Ryan Sayre, Nancy Lang and Daniel McClure are assigned to Campus Area Police Services (CAPS) team to work at the Southside of SCSU campus.

News Director Mohammad Najafian talks with officer McClure to figure out what safety measures the St. Cloud Police Department takes to assure that there is no danger for students, faculty and community members.  


Invasive Species Starry Stonewort Found In Stearns and Meeker County Lakes

Nitellopsis Obtusa or Starry Stonewort Lakes of MinnesotaThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has traced a new species called Nitellopsis Obtusa, also known as Starry Stonewort, in Lake Koronis and Mud Lake.

News Director, Mohammad Najafian, was intrigued  by the discovery of this new specie and opens a conversation with DNR Invasive Species Unit Supervisor, Heidi Wolf.

The center of discussion was about this new species and a number of other species invading the lakes of Minnesota. 


St. Cloud State University Conducts Talk Series on Private Investigation

Professor Schooley SCSUSt. Cloud State University’s Public Administration Graduate Program is offering a series of talks about “Private Investigation: Tips and Tricks”.

Attendants will have the chance to learn about surveillance, public database searches, spy gadgets, criminal defense considerations and other subjects.

The sessions are directed by Prof. Shawn Schooley from the Political Science Department. They will take place Wednesdays from September 16th to October 7th at the Whitney Senior Center located on 1527 Northway Drive in St. Cloud.


St. Cloud State University Raises Awareness On Veteran Suicide

SCSU Veterans Resource CenterSt. Cloud State University helps veterans to cope with difficulties they face in their lives.

National statistics shows twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. St. Cloud State University’s Veterans Resource Center is taking the necessary steps to raise awareness among students and community members.

News Director, Mohammad Najafian, talks with the interim director of VRC, Zac Mangas, speaks about activities they do on campus.


Learn About Student Fee Allocoation Process at SCSU

In this podcast you'll learn about the process to request funding for student organizations at St. Cloud State University. The activity fees help support events, speakers, student travel and and activities.

News director, Mohammad Najafian, interviewed Waqas Muzammil, Chairperson Fee Allocation Committee in May 2015. The committee is an important part of the Student Government Association.

Muzammil talks about his decision of joining Student Government and how it has changed his life. He also tells us about how financial decisions and requests are made for students.


Pollution Reduction Project Transforms St. Cloud State University's Q-Lot

Sections of St. Cloud State University’s Q-Lot parking lot  have recently been transformed into a pollution reduction area to help reduce pollution in the Mississippi River. 

Assistant News Director Christine Gaetke catches up with project coordinators about the planning process.

She also speaks with campus public safety about the reduced number of parking spaces due to the renovation and how it will affect students and the community.



Ebola Outbreak Simulated at St. Cloud State University

What would happen if Central Minnesota experienced an Ebola outbreak? That’s what some St. Cloud State University students studied in the summer of 2015 in Dr. Patricia Bodelson’s Political Science class.

Throughout the three week course, students researched the disease and planned to host a mock Ebola outbreak disaster. Assistant News Director Korina Borash spoke with students in Political Science 440, Dr. Bodelson and an employee of Stearns County Public Health about the Ebola simulation.


St. Cloud State University President Earl Potter Update Spring 2015

On April 29, 2015 KVSC welcomed President Earl Potter for our spring 2015 installment of Presidential Update Live.

Some of the subjects news director Mohammad Najafian discussed include an update on the program and budget review, investing in new programs at the university, support of 145 Nepalese students in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, international outreach efforts, the ‘land-swap’ with the city and other university priorities moving forward.


Innovative Ways To Improve Healthcare Issues and Top Needs of Patients and Providers.

On February 18th, U.S. Senator Al Franken’s staff visited St. Cloud and had a discussion with local rural health experts on the top needs of patients and providers in rural Minnesota as well as innovative ways to address those issues.

Senator Frankon states that rural communities in Minnesota and across the country face unique challenges when it comes to ensuring access to quality health care for residents. As the co-chair of the senate’s bipartisan rural health caucus, he wants to address those challenges a top priority.

News Director, Mohammad Najafian speaks with Samantha Mills, who is one of the senator’s field representatives, about the needs and problems of both patients and providers. Mills also talks about the innovative ways they have to solve those issues.


Mr. Kleis Shares His Experience of Hosting A Foreign Exchange Student

It has been almost 10 months since the death of foreign German exchange student, Alexander Voigt.

His host, Mr. Kleis, shares his memories and speaks about the good times he and his family had with Alexander and how much impact he had on their lives during his short stay with them.

Alexander, was one of two people who died when their plane crashed into a Sauk Rapids house, just days before he was scheduled to return home in June of 2014.

Later in the show, Mr. Kleis also talks about the priorities of the city hall for the city of St. Cloud in the month of February,


St. Cloud Police Department Hosts Annual Property Training in April

News director, Mohammad Najafian, opens a conversation with Certified Crime Prevention Specialist Officer John Justin at the St. Cloud Police Department about the rental property training for rental licensing of units located within the city of St. Cloud.

Participants who attend these trainings will learn about the standard requirements for houses and apartments before they are rented out. 

They will also receive information on preliminary inspection, rental history, license expiration, transferring of property-owners to properties and manager certification. The next round of training for property-owner is on April 8th.


Attacks in Iraq by Islamic State Militant Group Brings Attention to U.S Authorities

Debohar_LehrAfter a series of attacks by the Islamic State Group in Iraq in late February and early March, Nimrud, khorsabad and the second most ancient library in Mosul was reportedly destroyed.

News Director, Mohammad Najafianas, spoke with Deborah Lehr about the actions taken to prevent further attack of the IS to the ancient sites in Iraq.

Deborah is the Chairman and Co-Founder of The Antiquities Coalition, founding Chairman of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at George Washington University and Vice Chairman of the Paulson Institute. She also launched the International Coalition to Protect Egyptian Antiquities with the Egyptian government.


St. Cloud State President Earl Potter's End of Year Update 2014

St. Cloud State University President Earl H. Potter III joins KVSC's Vicki Ikeogu for Presidential Update Live.

This interview from December 17, 2014 provides a detailed discussion on the university's budget shortfall, plans to shore up the deficit in the next 2-3 years as well as a new plan to increase enrollment and sustain the budget through increased data management and planning.

Some of the highlights discussed include the university's outreach to recruit international students from China, the goal to have a greater presence in the Twin Cities area, development of new online programs by the fall semester of 2015 and many other insights from Dr. Potter.



Halenbeck Hall Maintenance Problems addressed by Facility Director

News director Mohammad Najafian opens a conversation with the Director of Sports Facilities and Campus Recreation at St. Cloud State University Ron Seibring.

Najafian has noticed a series of maintenance problems mainly in Halenbeck Hall. He draws Seibring’s attention to problems.

Seibring then explains over problems existing in the facilities and what solutions are available to him to fix them.


SCSU's Miller Library Struggles to Present Quiet Study Atmosphere

News director Mohammad Najafian has noticed that the Miller Learning Resource Center library is not as quiet as a library should be.

He discusses the matter with the Dean of Learning Resources Services Mark Vargas so as to find out what students, faculty and community members can do as users of the center to make a comfortable atmosphere for themselves.

Vargas provides us with solutions we have and what he is trying to do in order to improve the problems. 


Coleen Rowley visit to SCSU and speech on War on Terrorism and Intelligence of Ethic.

In October 2014 Former FBI agent, Coleen Rowley, visited St. Cloud State University and gave a speech on War on Terrorism and Intelligence of Ethic.

News director Mohammad Najafian had a conversation with her about why she came to SCSU.

What it is that she is trying to achieve? How can people get a better understanding of the aforementioned issues.  


St. Cloud State University's Freedom of Speech Policy

Freedom of Speech SCSUSt. Cloud State University has policies to ensure institutional integrity and manage risk. Protesters are allowed to advocate on the SCSU campus, but there are limitations to protest boundaries.

Assistant News Director Korina Borash spoke with Judith Siminoe, Special Adviser to SCSU’s President, to clear up confusion about on-campus protesting and protected free speech.


SCSU's Eastman Hall in planning stages of renovation

SCSU EastHallSitting vacant for a number of years, St. Cloud State University’s Eastman Hall will soon be given new life.

During the 2014 legislative session, SCSU’s request for funding a Student Health and Academic Services Program in the dormant building was recently funded under Minnesota’s bonding bill.

Assistant news director Vicki Ikeogu sits down with SCSU President Earl Potter III to talk about the plan and estimated time frame for the Eastman transformation.


Northwest Mutual Sales Lab In Centennial Hall

SCSU training facilitySt. Cloud State University installed a new state-of-the-art training facility designed to help students succeed in business.

Assistant News Director Korina Borash spoke with the head of the SCSU Department of Marketing, Denny Bristow, about the features in the new Northwest Mutual Sales lab.


14A DFL Candidate Stresses Importance of Early Childhood Education

St. Cloud resident and first time politician Dan Wolgamott sits down with KVSC assistant news director and political correspondent Vicki Ikeogu to talk about his campaign.

As the November 4th elections are nearing, Wolgamott talks about the issues he feels are the most important to address if he was to be elected, mainly education and transportation.

Wolgamott, the DFL candidate will be squaring off against incumbent and Republican candidate Tama Theis.


Bringing Attention to Domestic Violence

Throughout the month of October, the National Coalition against Domestic Violence has sought to bring attention to the issue both on and off college campuses. And with the recent federally launched campaign, “It’s On Us” the president and other have asked the country to take a serious look at domestic violence.

Assistant news director Vicki Ikeogu sat down with St. Cloud State University’s Gender Violence Prevention Coordinator Lee LaDue to discuss some ways SCSU and the greater St. Cloud community is working toward both raising awareness of the issue and also the tactics they have in place to aid students who have been victims of domestic or gender violence.



14B DFL Representative Zach Dorholt Talks Issues, Campaign

Zach Dorholt

The Minnesota House of Representatives 14B race has been receiving a lot of attention statewide.

Incumbent DFL candidate Zach Dorholt sits down in studio with assistant news director and political correspondent Vicki Ikeogu to talk about the issues he feels are important in both the city of St. Cloud and the state as well and how if re-elected he will continue the work he has done and strive to improve higher education and transportation for the region. 


Former Jim Knoblach Representative seeking another chance in 14B

With the November 4th elections less than a week away, local candidates are making a last stitch effort to raise awareness about the issues and hopefully get people out to vote.

GOP hopeful for the Minnesota House District 14B seat, Jim Knoblach joins KVSC’s assistant news director and political correspondent Vicki Ikeogu in studio to talk about the issues he feels important, education, transportation, and the economy.


Txt4Life a state-wide suicide crisis line

With rising suicide rates on college campuses St. Cloud State University is taking action to prevent suicides among its students.

Txt4life is a state-wide suicide crisis line being promoted on the SCSU campus by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

Assistant News Director Korina Borash spoke with CAPS Director Dr. John Eggers about how txt4life is used. 


Genocide Awareness Project Raises Concern at St. Cloud State University

Graphic photos protesting abortion as genocide were displayed on the St. Cloud State University campus on September 25-26, 2014. The pictures were set up by The Genocide Awareness Project and received a wide range of responses from students.

The Genocide Project has a right to advocate for this cause on campus because of university policy and the freedom of speech.

Assistant News Director Korina Borash was able to capture sounds from the protests and review policy that allows protests on university property. 


Minnesota 6th District Candidate John Denney

Assistant News Director Steve Coursolle sat down in-studio with 6th district Congressional candidate, John Denneyof the Independence Party of Minnesota. Denney describes his background and upbringing in Minnesota, as well some important issues and policies he’d address if elected to congress. 

Student loan debt, cyber security, campaign finance reform, agriculture, as well as corruption in government and in private business are all touched on by Denney in this original KVSC News Feature


Independent Candidate for Governor Hannah Nicollett Seeks To Improve Issues Of Freedom In State

As the 2014 gubernatorial elections are closing in, KVSC news director and political correspondent Vicki Ikeogu had the opportunity to sit down with the Independent Party candidate for governor Hannah Nicollett.

Nicollett discusses some of the reasons why she decided to run for Minnesota’s highest executive office, including items she hopes to bring attention to during this election season.


Jeff Johnson, Republican candidate for Governor of Minnesota, shares what inspires him

As the November elections are rapidly approaching, the race for Minnesota governor will be taking off very soon. KVSC assistant news director and political correspondent Vicki Ikeogu recently talked with GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson.

In the interview, Johnson discusses a variety of topics including welfare reform, the economy and education.


President Earl H. Potter Fall 2014 Convocation

Listen in to the 2014 Presidential Convocation Address. SCSU President Earl H. Potter III welcomes staff and faculty to campus for the 2014-2015 academic year on Wednesday August 20. 

Some of the topics President Potter comments on are the relationship with the city of St. Cloud and the greater community the conversion of ISELF bonding from tax-free to taxable, and the "Great Place to Work" survey & project. 


Why Treaties Matter: Award-winning traveling exhibit

The exhibit “Why Treaties Matter: Self-Government in the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations” has made its first stop on its two year tour of the MnSCU system at St. Cloud State University.  

KVSC assistant news director Vicki Ikeogu recently sat down with SCSU Associate Professor of History Dr. Robert Galler to discuss the exhibit and the reasons why an exhibit concerning this topic is an important starting point to talking about issues facing tribal nations in Minnesota.


Russian-US-Ukrainian Relations with SCSU Professor Mikhail Blinnikov

 In mid-August 2014 St. Cloud State University Geography and Planning professor Mikhail Blinnikov joined KVSC's Newswatch program to discuss a number of subjects.

He recaps the summer study abroad program with students from Minnesota who visited Russia in the first portion of the conversation.

The balance of the interview with Jo McMullen is about the international relationship and strain between the United States and Russia, especially in relation to the Ukrainian uprising.


Minnesota 6th District Congressional Candidate Joe Perske

As the November 2014 elections are quickly approaching, the KVSC news department will be reaching out to the candidates, talking to them about the issues they feel are the most important to fix while they are in political office. 

DFL candidate for the 6th Congressional District and Sartell Mayor Joe Perske sits down with KVSC news director Vicki Ikeogu to talk about the issues he sees in Washington DC and how he would plan to serve the 6th District if elected.


Minnesota 6th District Congressional Candidate Tom Emmer

GOP candidate for the 6th District Congressional seat Tom Emmer sits down with KVSC assistant news director and political reporter Vicki Ikeogu.

Emmer discusses his reasons for running and what he hopes he can bring to the people of the 6th District if he is elected to serve in the November elections.


B-17 Bomber History and Fly Over St. Cloud, Minnesota

Over the 2014 Independence Day weekend, the St. Cloud Regional Airport played host to an iconic piece of U.S. military history. KVSC news director Vicki Ikeogu was there to share the experience of her flight on the historic war bird. The B-17G Flying Fortress Aluminum Overcast made a stop in St. Cloud as part of its tour across the country. As part of their media day, the Experimental Aviation Association along with the tour crew accompanying the bomber explained the significance of the B-17. Also making the trip up to St. Cloud was World War II veteran Elizabeth “Betty” Wall, one of the few female flyers of a B-17.


St. Cloud Metro Bus Reveals Compressed Natural Gas Buses

St. Cloud Metro Bus unveiled a new line of clean fuel buses Friday, May 16. The buses are possible with the help from Senator Amy Klobuchar who presented the business with the $3.35 million U.S. Department of Transportation Clean Fuels grant with former U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in 2012.

The compressed natural gas (CNG) project will include the purchase of 23 new fixed route and six paratransit buses, making Metro Bus the first public transit agency in Minnesota to have a bus fleet fueled by CNG.  Metro Bus Executive Director Ryan Daniel, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis were among those who spoke at the conference.  


SCSU President Potter Update Live--April 2014

The spring edition of Presidential Update Live took place on April 9, 2014. SCSU President Earl Potter joined KVSC’s News Director John Peterson.

They discussed the implementation of the Great Place to Work survey, the possibility of future developments in the 5th Avenue Live! Development, next fall enrollment predictions, the new Confucius Institute on campus and the choice to brand a new Secondary logo for athletics.


Harvard University Economist Raj Chetty's Winter Institute Keynote at St. Cloud State

Professor of economics at Harvard University, Raj Chetty headlined the 52nd Winter Institute at St. Cloud State University with a keynote presentation on Wednesday, February 12, 2014.

Chetty’s presentation, “Where is the Land of Opportunity? The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the United States” focused on Americans ability to achieve upward income mobility based on where they were born.

Chetty says "the St. Cloud area is in the top 90th percentile of upward mobility in the U.S."

Photo courtesy St. Cloud State's University Communications.


SCSU President Potter Update Live--December 2013

The fall edition of Presidential Update Live took place on December 11, 2013. SCSU President Earl Potter joined KVSC’s News Director John Peterson. They discussed managing the university’s budget with lower student enrollment, the MnSCU "Charting the Future" initiative proposed by Chancellor Rosenstone, a student referendum vote on SCSU's Homecoming change, the success of Husky athletics teams and reactions of fans and athletes to the reopening of the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center.


Mapuche Delegation from Chile Visit St. Cloud State University

KVSC News Director John Peterson speaks with Professor of Anthropology at St. Cloud State University Robert Lavenda, SCSU Community Outreach Director and member of the Spanish Faculty, Elizabeth Valencia Borgert, Regional Director of the BIO BIO region of CONADI, the Government Agency of Indigenous Affairs in Chile, Julio, and a Mapuche musician, Joel.

They discuss the recent visit members of the Delegation of Mapuche, the largest indigenous group of Chile, made to SCSU. The delegation was here to celebrate the opening of the SCSU Community Garden exhibit along with efforts to strengthen relationships with Minnesota Indigenous groups, and share unique elements of their art and culture.


Minnesota Potential Reformation of Judicial Elections

The Coalition for Impartial Justice (CIJ) is the organization advocating for reforms to the way judicial elections are structured in Minnesota.

A constitutional amendment is being proposed that would move the state to a system of retention elections, public performance evaluations, and would extend the merit selection process to all levels of the judiciary.

For more information about this proposed amendment KVSC News Director, John Peterson, interviewed Former MN Supreme Court Chief Justice, Eric Magnuson, in the Fall of 2013 to learn what it could mean for Minnesota. 


Minnesota 13 Wet Wild Prohibition Days Author and Professor Elaine Davis

Marketing Professor at St. Cloud State University Elaine Davis discusses her book "Minnesota 13-Wet Wild Prohibition Days" shortly after its publication in the summer of 2007. Davis’ book, with more than 70 photos, graphs, maps and cartoons, covers the facts and the impact of Prohibition in Stearns county, including how Minnesota 13 was made; how producers, bootleggers and local speakeasies concealed their operations; how local and federal law enforcement operated; and the crucial role German ethnicity and area Catholic churches played in the local industry.

The history also provides details about how federal raids, Leavenworth prison, Prohibition-related violence and the repeal of the 18th amendment affected moonshine producers.


St. Cloud Somali Reaction To Narobi, Kenya Attack & Historical Context to Al-Shabaab

KVSC's Jo McMullen discusses local reaction to the Nairobi, Kenya terrorist attack in September 2013 at the Westgate Mall with Haji Yusuf.

Mr. Yusuf is a Kenyan national, St. Cloud State University graduate and program coordinator for St. Cloud Somali Radio webstream.

He shares his opinions on the local reaction in St. Cloud by Somalis, the origins of al-shabaab and how to bring change to the war-torn areas of Northeastern Africa.



Atwood Memorial Center Renovation Tour August 2013

On August 30, 2013 KVSC's News Director John Peterson took a walk with former Director of the Atwood Memorial Center Margaret Vos as they toured the Atwood Memorial Center to view the renovations made in the summer of 2013. From the Valhalla Bistro to the new Computer Lab; Vos educates Peterson about the long term commitments and detailed planning, that SCSU students developed in a span of four and a half years, in order to make the renovation possible.



St. Cloud State University's Tobacco Free Campus and Enforcement Discussion

In this news feature that originally aired in the Fall of 2013, KVSC Station Manager Jo McMullen-Boyer sat down and chatted with Corita Beckermann, Director of Student Health Services about the recent revision to SCSU’s tobacco-free policy.

The new policy is instituted to contribute to a healthy environment for all by prohibiting the use of tobacco on campus property. Beckermann explains the brief background of the policy, the new enforcement steps and what zones around campus are allowable for smoking.


SCSU President Potter's Fall 2013 Convocation Address

St. Cloud State University President Earl H. Potter III presented his Fall Convocation address to university faculty and staff on August 21, 2013. In this podcast, you'll hear about new university leaders on campus, the administration's goal to explore high impact practices in order to give every student experiential learning and new efforts to reach out to international students.

Potter revealed a fall visit to the university by leaders University of Concepcion, one of the international study abroad program the university offers. A delegation of the Mapuche indigenous Indians from Chile will be connecting with students and Native American tribes in Minnesota with this planned visit and exchange.

Photo credit: Adam Hammer, University Communications


Professor of Music Scott Miller Wins Grant

In this KVSC News Feature we explore the work of SCSU Professor of Music Scott Miller. Miller is a composer of electroacoustic, orchestral, chamber, and choral music. In the spring of 2013 Scott was awarded a $25,000 grant from the McKnight Composers Fellowship, The fellowship awards music composers who demonstrated excellence over the career works.

In this podcast, KVSC’s Justus Sanchez interviews SCSU Professor of Music, Scott Miller. 


St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson

In this podcast that originally aired live on KVSC on April 10, 2013 KVSC Station Manager Jo McMullen interviewed St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson. 

Community safety, the “Wheel of Integrity” as well as youth and neighborhood relationships were some of the topics discussed.  Anderson began the top law enforcement leadership post for the city in August 2012. The interview focuses on his priorities and community outreach.


SCSU Spring 2013 Convocation Address

On January 10, 2013 St. Cloud State University hosted its Spring Convocation address for faculty and staff. In this podcast you'll hear from Provost Devinder Malhotra who describes examples of experiential learning and goals toward enrollment management. New appointed Vice President for Finance and Administration Doug Vinzant gives a brief update on the ISELF and NHEC projects.

President Potter delivers an inspiring presentation on building a Global and Cultural Understanding for students and faulty as part of the university's mission and vision.  He discusses study abroad programs as well as faculty and student who represent the university's success at inspiring an international educational opportunity.


Update with SCSU President Earl H. Potter

In this news feature KVSC's News Director Amelia Rowland sat down with St. Cloud State University's president Earl H. Potter for a campus update. Originally aired live on KVSC on Dec. 5, 2012; topics discussed included state funding of higher education, graduation rates and various other topics affecting SCSU. 


Marriage Constitutional Amendment Debate

On November 6, Minnesotans decided whether to vote yes or no on the Minnesota Constitutional marriage amendment. In this podcast, KVSC News Director Amelia Rowland Spoke with Kate Brickman, who is the Press Secretary for Minnesotans United For All Families. She also spoke with Christine Codden who is the Director of the Office of Marriage and Family at the Diocese of St. Cloud. Also during the interview Father Tom Knoblach from the Diocese of St. Cloud spoke up. Both Christine and Tom were on the side of Vote Yes. Kate was from the size of Vote No. This podcast originally aired on November 5, 2012, just one day before Minnesota decided.  


Minnesotan's Decide Voter ID Amendment

One of the two constitutional amendments Minnesotans voted on November 6, 2012 was titled the Voter ID amendment. If passed it would require voters to present a valid photo identification to vote in upcoming elections. In this podcast Minnesota State Representative Mary Kiffmeyer, the chief author of the voter ID amendment is interviewed.

In addition Eric Fought of Our Vote Our Future, an organization that campaigned to defeat the Voter ID amendment, is interviewed. This podcast originally aired on KVSC on November 5, 2012, one day before the election.


District 14 Debates Between Pederson and McCarter

 On October 17, 2012 State Senator John Pederson of Senate District 14 and challenger Jerry McCarter debated live on-air. In this podcast, these two political hopefuls discussed all the important issues facing Central Minnesota during the Fall 2012 election season. Moderated by KVSC's Adam Ulbricht, the KVSC News department helps students and community members make educated decisions when voting. 


District 14-B Debate with King Banaian and Zachary Dorholt

State Representative King Banaian of District 14-B and Challenger Zachary Dorholt debated live in the KVSC studios in October of 2012. In this podcast, KVSC's Adam Ulbricht moderates the debate asking the questions that matter most to Minnesotan voters who decide the fate of this race on November, 6 2012. 


State of Minnesota's Economy with Tom Hanson

Tom Hanson stopped by KVSC's studios in late August 2012 to talk about the state of Minnesota's budget and the process of determining it. He speaks from experience as he served at the Commissioner Minnesota Management and Budget from 2006-2010 under Governor Tim Pawlenty.

The conversation delves into techniques used to shore up budget shortfalls, how the governor and legislators deal with planning to set $32 billion state budget and higher education funding.


Distracted Driving

In September of 2012, KVSC's News Director Amelia Rowland sat down with Public Information Trooper Sgt. Jesse Grabow of the Minnesota State Patrol to talk about distracted driving. This feature discusses how distracted driving isn't always drinking and driving; texting, drug usage or various other distractions can be lead to serious consequences on roads. 


Wiener Mobile Tours St. Cloud

The official Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile took a tour of St. Cloud in August of 2012. This giant dog was first built in 1936 and has room for over eleven thousand wiener whistles to hand out to fans who visit the wiener. KVSC’s Amelia Rowland spoke with Hotdogger Jackie Calder about the Wienermobile and where it toured in St. Cloud.


Synthetic Drugs Become Restricted


In August of 2012 KVSC's Justus Sanchez sat down with Carol Falkowski from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Drug and Alcohol Division and Bob Barret, Minnesota House of Representative's Member from district 17B. They discussed the new Minnesota and federal laws concerning synthetic drugs known as spice, K-2, and bath salts as well as the dangers users of these synthetic drugs face. 

Listen below to hear what advice Falkowski and Barret have to offer Minnesota Citizens regarding the controversial issue.


SCSU's New Athletic Director: Heather Weems

In June 2012, Heather Weems started her new role as SCSU’s Athletic Director. Weems visited the KVSC studios in August to discuss with Station Manager, Jo McMullen-Boyer, and KVSC listeners her new role.

SCSU expanded the role of Athletic Director to include Sports Facilities and Campus Recreation staff and budget oversight along with the previous job duties involved with Husky Athletic programs. Weems discusses her optimism for the new role in addition to her expansive experience that has qualified her for the job.

Husky Athletics has gone through many changes within the last two years including joining the National Collegiate Hockey Conference in 2013. Listen now to hear how Weems plans to face the challenges of leading a cohesive athletic program at SCSU.



Meet 6th District DFL Congressional Candidate Jim Graves

St. Cloud native and St. Cloud State University alumnus Jim Graves is running as the DFL candidate in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District.

In this live interview on July 19, 2012, Graves talks with KVSC's Jo McMullen about his education and business background, the role of affordable higher education in serving the job sector and his top issues for the 6th District. Graves also comments on Michele Bachmann's recent request to investigate one of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's top aides, Huma Abiden, in relation to ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Vice President Steve Ludwig Reflects on His Career

Vice President of Administrative Affairs Steve Ludwig is retiring in July 2012 after a 25-year career with St. Cloud State University. This podcast is a thoughtful reflection on a career that has impacted the campus and community.


Steve Ludwig has left a legacy of achievements including oversight of new facilities on campus, renovations of historical buildings and transparency in the in-depth budget planning and work his office conducts.




Presidential Update Spring 2012

On May 2, 2012 News Director Adam Ulbricht spoke with St. Cloud State University President Earl Potter III about SCSU's changes in leadership, the university's CIO search, and updates on the ISELF and National Hockey and Events Center construction. 

How long does Potter plan to remain at the helm at St. Cloud State? Listen to find out.



KVSC News Director Adam Ulbricht got a behind-the-scenes look at SCSU's ISELF construction. Here is his report.


Bradlee Dean Visit To SCSU Meets Protest

 On Tuesday, April 24, 2012 the College Republicans at St. Cloud State University hosted Evangelical performer Bradlee Dean at the Ritsche Auditorium on campus. This event was controversial on two different fronts. First, the Minnesota Republican Party warned the SCSU College Republicans to not hold the event based upon the nature of Dean’s performance and have threatened to revoke their charter and blacklist members from jobs and internships within the Republican Party.

Second, the greater St. Cloud community came together to protest Dean’s message. In this report by KVSC’s Emily Haeg, we hear from many who attended the event. At air time, however, the MN Republican Party, after multiple attempts at contacting them, had not responded about removing the SCSU College Republicans from their website.


GOP Controversy

The SCSU chapter of College Republicans is getting some heat from the Republican Party of Minnesota and the state board of the College Republicans over Bradlee Dean, a nationally-known speaker, to campus.


Coaches Versus Cancer Fundraiser in Honor of Kelly Laas

KVSC News Director Adam Ulbricht sat down for an interview with St. Cloud State Head Softball Coach Paula U’Ren and senior outfielder Jackie Dooley to discuss the upcoming Coaches vs. Cancer game. The softball program is teaming up with the American Cancer Society to raise money for ovarian cancer in memory of former player Kelly Laas, who lost her fight with ovarian cancer in March 2011. The team is looking to raise money for cancer research along with a future scholarship in Kelly’s honor. The event is part of the Husky Dome Classic which the softball team’s home opening tournament.


Interview with Executive Director of RAAN

KVSC News Director Adam Ulbricht interviews Executive Director of the Rural AIDS Action Network Charles Hempeck. 

In this news feature, RAAN's local involvement and the types of services the organization provides to central Minnesota residents. Also discussed are some of the statistics at the local level, advancement in research and the impact of AIDS on individuals affected by the disease.


Fall 2011 Presidential Update Live with President Potter

convocation155.jpgKVSC News Director Adam Ulbricht presents his first interview with St. Cloud State President Earl H. Potter III.  The latest edition of "Presidential Update Live" was hosted on November 2, 2011.  The President spoke about many topics on the St. Cloud State campus including the new ISELF project, the decline in enrollment, the dismissal of Dr. Mahmoud Saffari and the National Hockey & Events Center renovations.


Tips from Andy Ditlevson of SCSU Career Services

careerservices.jpgKVSC News Director Adam Ulbricht sat down with Andy Ditlevson of Career Services on the campus of St. Cloud State. Career Services offers students many opportunities from critiquing their resumes to helping students prepare for job interviews. Ditlevson spoke about these opportunities and gave insight on how students can better prepare themselves for finding a job after they graduate from college.


Protestors Gather During the Dedication of ISELF at SCSU

PA270852sm.jpgSt. Cloud State University recently dedicated the new Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facility (ISELF) building. Prior to the event, a group of protestors marched and chanted from the Atwood Memorial Center’s Cultural Center to the dedication site at the former 801 building. The group was protesting the recent dismissal of Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Dr. Mahmoud Saffari. KVSC News Director Adam Ulbricht was there to get the story.


SCSU Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for $45 Million ISELF Project


St. Cloud State University officially broke ground on the new $45 million Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facility. Dignitaries such as Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, SCSU President Earl H. Potter and the Chair of the MnSCU Board of Trustees Scott Thiss spoke at the event. Listen to this podcast for a report from KVSC News Director Adam Ulbricht.


First Celebrate! St. Cloud State Event: Family Weekend

getimage_3.jpgCelebrate! St. Cloud State is a series of four dates throughout the year at SCSU comprised of athletic, art and academic events meant to promote a renewed connection to the St. Cloud State experience. The first of four events is scheduled for this weekend, Oct. 1-2. Family Weekend has a number of activities scheduled for family members of students visiting campus as well as sporting and alumni events built around the Husky home football game versus Northern State.

Beth Knutson-Kolodzne and Anthony Mally joined KVSC News Reporter Eric Wheeler in the studio to discuss the events of Family Weekend and the idea behind Celebrate! St. Cloud State.


School District 742's LEAF Adopt a Classroom Program

St. Cloud School District 742's Local Education & Activities Foundation (LEAF) is using a number techniques to raise money for extra-curricular activities and academic opportunities.  Executive Director Bruce Hentges discusses the Adopt a Classroom project, one that allows individuals, businesses or a group to dedicate money directly to classroom needs in the district. Hentges also elaborates on the achievements and mission of the program that dates back to 1993.


Helicopters! Explosions! Interview on the CapX2020 Project

helicopter.jpgKVSC’s Adam Ulbricht was joined in studio with Tim Carlsgaard, the Communications Representative for Xcel Energy to discuss the CapX2020 project. Construction work is taking place along Interstate 94 from Monticello to St. Cloud that involves helicopters and explosives. The project, driver safety, and future plans were discussed.


Interview with Several Involved with SCSU's ISELF Project

iself.jpgKVSC News Reporter Mike Doyle discussed the plans for the

Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facility

(ISELF) with David DeGroote, St. Cloud State dean of the College of Science and Engineering; Kurt Helgeson, associate dean of the College of Science and Engineering; and John Frischmann, St. Cloud State facilities construction coordinator. ISELF is expected to begin construction this fall, thanks to $42.3 million from a capital improvements bonding bill passed by the Legislature and signed July 20 by Gov. Mark Dayton.


Interview with Ivan Bartha, coordinator for experiential programs at SCSU

KVSC News Reporter Mike Doyle had a chance to talk with Ivan Bartha, coordinator for experiential programs at St. Cloud State University. Bartha is also in charge of Outdoor Endeavors, which offers a wide variety of outdoor trips, clinics and workshops available to help you discover your outdoor skills. Doyle and Bartha discussed the Boat House at Lake George, rock climbing, mountain biking, the expansion of the Beaver Island Trails and the numerous outdoor chances for campus and community members in St. Cloud to enjoy.


Rep. King Banaian on 2011 Legislative Session

King_Banaian15B.GIFDistrict 15-B Representative and Economics professor at St. Cloud State University discusses the Minnesota government shutdown, citizen input, Same Sex Constitutional Amendment, policy change on state budgets and social media with KVSC's Jo McMullen.  Banaian was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal on Tim Pawlenty's bid for president, he comments on that too.


ReStore Opens in St. Cloud, Minn.

restore.jpegA new business has recently opened in St. Cloud, Minn. ReStore has opened its doors to offer a community service by providing used appliances at affordable prices. In this NewsCast, Aaron Keifer speaks with Elizabeth Ferguson on the goals of ReStore and how the business is able to offer such extensive discounts to new and slightly used products.

A division of Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity, the ReStore is a retail outlet where quality used and surplus building materials, furniture and other items are sold at bargain prices.


SCSU President Earl Potter Live - Spring 2011

president_potter.jpgIn the spring 2011 edition of "Potter Live," KVSC News Director Chris Duffy sat down with St. Cloud State University President Dr. Earl H. Potter III to discuss topics such as the proposed campus-wide smoking ban, the university's efforts to reorganize and close a $14 million deficit and the decision to eliminate homecoming at SCSU.

This NewsCast aired live on KVSC Wednesday, March 23, 2011. President Potter takes time to broadcast a live interview on KVSC about three times a year to update the campus and community of current affairs at SCSU.


The 1862 Dakota War And Its Aftermath


Minnesota state representative, retired teacher and author Dean Urdahl discusses the 1862 Dakota War and Its Aftermath.

Urdahl not only has a family history directly tied to this conflict, considered to be a dark period in our state’s history that still resonates today, but he has published two historical-fiction books based on his 30 years of researching and documenting the subject. Uprising and Retribution are Urdhal's first two books on the subject, with the final book Pursuit expected to be published in 2011.

Jo McMullen discusses his life-long research and historical writing with Dean Urdahl after a presentation he gave at the Stearns History Center in St. Cloud, Minnesota.


Podcast of President Potter Live

president_potter.jpgListen to this podcast of the fall semester Presidential Update with St. Cloud State University President Earl H. Potter III. In this exclusive interview conducted in November 2010,  News Director Chris Duffy discusses issues regarding the university's plans to offset a projected $14 million shortfall for upcoming fiscal year 2012. On this topic, questions on the future of Husky Athletics including the upcoming student election and athletic fee referendum will be asked. Also, the new Facebook page, "SaveSCSU," has been in direct portest to university operations and has stirred additional concerns on campus regarding the school's budget crisis. The interview will has Potter's reation to this matter.

Listen to this NewsCast to hear President Potter weigh-in on these important issues and the current state of SCSU.


Interview with Creator of "Should Be Legalized"

imgres.jpegIn this exclusive interview, KVSC Reporter Dave Overlund speaks with Steve Berke, comedian and marijuana activist. Berke is the man behind the creation of "Should Be Legalized" the Eminem - Love The Way You Lie Parody video on YouTube. In this brief interview, Berke discusses the successes of his "no budget" music video that quickly went viral but has since been almost halted due to a restriction from YouTube involving age restrictions for viewing the video.


October is Meet the Blind Month

Whozit.jpgOctober is Meet the Blind Month both nationally and here in Central Minnesota. Dave Overlund sat down with Gayle Gruber-Bengston, who is the secretary of the National Federation of the Blind, Central Minnesota Chapter. Listen in on this feature news story for more on Meet the Blind Month and what people in the blind community have to offer. The National Federation of the Blind's state convention takes place Nov. 5-7, 2010 in St. Cloud, Minn.


Fall 2010 Convocation with President Earl Potter

Potter_F10.jpegDuring his August 17, 2010 convocation address, SCSU President Earl Potter outlined the many success stories in the previous academic year.  He also openly discussed the challenges the university is facing.  SCSU has cut 10 percent of its budget in the last three years, and faces another 10 percent, or nearly $14 million in cuts, to balance the fiscal year 2012 budget.  The president says hard decisions will be made across the board.  The president recognized anxiety is high on campus and pledged to serve the university objectively.  The concluding remarks were left to senior Jenna Johnson of Little Falls, a nursing student.  She shared how the support from faculty and staff she is receiving has helped her achieve her dream of working in health care, even while being deployed to Iraq for a year of active duty in the National Guard in 2009.


Summer Update with SCSU President Earl Potter

president_potter.jpgDr. Earl H. Potter III, president of St. Cloud State University sat down with Chris Duffy in a live interview to discuss the close of the 2010 fiscal year and the difficulties that lie ahead for the 2011 fiscal year.  Also in discussion is the Coborn Plaza open for students next semester and its impact on the Fifth Avenue Live project. Several other topics were brought up in this exclusive interview including an update on naming rights for the new hocky center, the new documentary on the hunger strike of 1995, the outreach to community affairs and more.


How to Conduct a Harassment Investigation Seminar

Logo.jpgA seminar on conducting a harassment investigation is coming to the St. Cloud State University campus June 22-23.  The program, conducted by Dr. Susan Strauss, is set to cover the intricacies of conducting a harassment investigation including the necessary steps to take, conducting interviews, the difference between formal & informal investigations and writing formal reports.  This interview looks at some of the details on this subject and who should consider attending the two-part seminar.  More information on this seminar is available at


St. Paul Lawyer in Hospital after Interrogation in Rwanda

Peter_ErlinderA_220_JPG80.jpgAfter becoming ill during a two-hour of interrogation by authorities in Rwanda, St. Paul lawyer Peter Erlinder was taken to a hospital. Erlinder was arrested while defending presidential hopeful Victoire Ingabire who is up against charges of promoting genocidal ideology.  KVSC News Director Chris Duffy has this exclusive interview with lawyer Sarah Erlinder, the daughter of Peter Erlinder with insight on this developing story.


'Outpouring of Support' for Volunteer Firefighter

broitz_20100126154335_320_240.jpegVolunteer firefighter Cory Broich responded to and put out a routine car fire during morning rush hour traffic.  The event turned out not to be so routine.  Broich was hit by a driver who failed to follow a basic traffic law, which requires vehicles to move to an outside lane when approaching a pulled-over emergency vehicle.  Broich's legs were crushed and may never walk again.  Listen-in on this brief interview with Chief Nieters about the complications of this unforeseen incident. 


Skate Park Project Finally Passes, Interview with Austin Lee

EastmanSE.jpgThe St. Cloud City Council recently approved the construction for a new skate park to be built in the city.  A process spanning over a decade, the project owes respect to 17-year-old Austin Lee for his voice in brining the project to Central Minnesota.  KVSC's Kevin Hurd and Zach Fisch spoke with Austin soon after the proposal was finally passed.


Luke Tripp Discusses Anti-Islamic Cartoons Posted in St Cloud

luket.jpegA well-attended and passionate rally was sparked in January at St. Cloud State University after anti-Islamic cartoons were posted throughout the St. Cloud, Minn. community -- including sexually-explicit drawings of the Prophet Muhammad.  The rally was sponsored by SCSU's Somali Student Association.  Dr. Luke Tripp, professor of community studies and former member of the Black Panther Party, attended the rally.

In this exclusive interview by KVSC News Director Chris Duffy, Tripp discusses the damage he feels the anti-Islamic cartoons posted in St Cloud have caused. Tripp has a deep background in civil rights and activism in various forms of oppression.  This interview goes deep into the history of Central Minnesota and the harmful effects that these images can cause to a community.


SCSU President Reflects on 2009

images-1_2.jpgNews Director Chris Duffy sat down with St. Cloud University President Earl Potter shortly after he returned from a trip with Governor Pawlenty to South America. In this long form interview recorded on December 16, Dr. Potter reflects on the last semester, how the university will face continued budget shortfalls and serve more than 17,000 students effectively.


Interview with Immigration Reform Speaker Nelly Ortiz

ortiz.aspNelly Ortiz is an immigrant from Ecuador and gave a presentation entitled "Why we Leave" in the Atwood Theatre on her experience as an immigrant living in Chicago and with immigrant reform.  This interview with KVSC news director Chris Duffy focuses on the issues leading to her moving away from her home country and her experiences once in the United States.


Interview with Directors of RENT

brandona.jpgThe rock musical RENT is showing in St Cloud November 19-29 at the Paramount Theatre and director Andrew Rasmussen and music director Jeff Engholm were able to stop by last week to discuss this revolutionary broadway musical about a group of New York artists and how they celebrate life and deal with the pains of death amongst their tight-nit group. The musical has won a Tony Award for best musical even the Pultizer Prize. KVSC is happy to be a co-sponsor of this GREAT Theatre production. Tickets can be purchased online at


Interview Marks Year 7 in Disappearance of St. John's Student

joshua3c.jpgOn Nov. 9, 2002 Josh Guimond disspaeard after leaving a small party around midnight.  With josh still missing, his family and friends return to Stearns County in what marks the seven-year anniversary of this event.  Josh was a very active and intelligent person and his grandfather, Bob Guimond, provides in-depth information of his disappearance.  With the length of this missing person case and a lack of concrete evidence, family and friends and the Sheriff's office are feeling frustrations of this mysterious case.


It Doesn't Define Us - Documentary By SCSU Students

GLBT_symbol.jpgThe film "It Doesn't Define Us" is a documentary about gay rights and issues in the GLBT community in Minnesota and throughout the nation. The St. Cloud State University filmmakers, Bruce Meyers and Gordon Severson, sat down with KVSC News Director Chris Duffy to discuss the making of this feature film and some of the ongoing issues the film discusses. The film started out as a five-minute news peice and turned into a feature length documentary. This is an interview on how such a film came about. There is a premiere at the Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis Saturday (11/7) at noon and a second showing at the Pioneer Place in St. Cloud is set for Saturday, November 14 at 2 p.m.


Minnesota Ghost Stories Revealed

41Bdb8FNrhL._SL500_AA240_.jpgKVSC News director Chris Duffy interviews Michael Norman, author of "The Nearly Departed: Minnesota Ghost Stories and Legends." The retired college journalism professor always has found these stories interesting and after years of journalism, he compiled some of the best Minnesota stories and interviews from througout the state. Counting ghosts, tracking down the facts and learning about the history of ghost stories made for a perfect interview during KVSC's Possesed Pledge Drive.


Career Services Provides Job Hunt Guidance

career_services02a.jpgKVSC News Director Chris Duffy interviews Andy Ditlevson of St. Cloud State University Career Services Center. The Career Services Center is hosting a job fair prep party on campus. Ditlevson discusses the impact of the economy in relation to recent college graduates. Having a great resume, strong GPA and a large network are all key to landing that first job. It is important for college students to have the knowledge and the tools to find the right job and Career Services on campus is a great resource to utilize. Listen to this podcast to get better perspective of what employers expect from a potential employee.


Support System Important for Sauk Rapids Teen

Jeff HinkemeyerKVSC News Director Chris Duffy interviews a family friend of Jeff Hinkemeyer. In May of 2009, Hinkemeyer was rear-ended by another vehicle as he was waiting to pull in to his apartment complex and was airlifted to a hospital after his car exploded with him inside. Suffering from third degree burns on 90 percent of his body, Hinkemeyer was put in an induced coma. Kim, a friend of the Hinkemeyer family is organizing a spaghetti dinner and silent auction to raise funds for medical expenses. Kim gives us some insight into the type of individual Jeff is and about his struggles since the accident.


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Returning Soldiers

dvaseal.gifOn this edition of Newswatch, Chris Duffy interviewed Mike Mathies of the St. Cloud Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Duffy and Mathies discuss the issue of posttraumatic stress disorder among returning soldiers from Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Listen to the podcast and tune in to KVSC 88.1FM from noon to 1 p.m. daily to hear local headlines and live interviews on Newswatch.


Meet Provost Malhotra

getimage.jpgSt. Cloud State University welcomed its second Provost in the school's history to campus on July 1, 2009. In this interview on KVSC from September 17,  Dr. Devinder Malhotra shares a his academic and personal history along with his approach to overseeing the university's academic and budgetary priorities.


President Potter Fall 09 Convocation


St. Cloud State University President Earl H. Potter presented his fall convocation address on August 18 to faculty, staff and constituents. In this address Potter discusses the university's economic priorities and objectives, its connection to the local and global community and welcomes new leadership to campus.


Remembering Robert Bess

 1bess0724.jpgIt's been a week of remembering a trusted leader at St. Cloud State University. Former university President Robert Bess  died Monday, July 20, 2009 in his home state of California. Bess served as interim president in the early 90’s. He only served for three years… but as News Director Chris Duffy reports… the legacy he  left behind will last forever.


President Potter July 2009

SCSU President Earl H. Potter discusses a number of campus issues and initiatives in this July 2009 interview with Jo McMullen. A good portion of the interview explores the how the budget unallotment to MnSCU affects the university, jobs and service to 17,000 students.  Updates on campus projects such as 5th Avenue Live, international ties to Nankai University in China and the National Hockey Center wrap up this candid interview.


President Earl H. Potter Spring '09 Convocation

president_potter.jpgThis was the first spring convocation by a St. Cloud State University president in recent history. In this address to faculty and staff, President Potter discusses the budget cuts for the current fiscal year and planning for the next. He also spotlights key priorities and successes the school set and achieved. Other presentations from Jane Olson (Diversity Committee), Ed Bouffard, Mitch Bender (Sustainability), Dan Gregory (Budget Advisory and Strategic Planning), Richard Shearer (Admissions/Recruitment), David Warne (Foundations of Excellence), and Steve Ludwig (Facilities and Planning) spotlight ongoing initiatives.


Financial Crisis Forum Podcast

wallstreet.jpgOn October 15, 2008, a Forum on the Financial Crisis was held featuring professors King Banaian and Ming Chien Lo from the Department of Economics and Howard Bohnen and William Hudson from the Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate.


State Senator Tarryl Clark Talks Politics

Tarryl_Clark155.jpgTarryl Clark discusses a number of topics in this in-depth interview. Listeners will hear about the bonding year successes of 2008, St. Cloud State University's funding for science and hockey center improvements...and the Senator offers her grades for Governor Tim Pawlenty and Lieutenant Governor Carol Molnau.

Join us for a civics lesson on Minnesota's latest politics.


SCSU Recycling Program: Green or Guilty

bin_155.jpg“Green or Guilty?” chronicles some of the successes and failures of the St. Cloud State Recycling program. Jenna Lee has interviewed important players from the St. Cloud State maintenance crews, faculty, staff, and student groups. “Green or Guilty?” will provide listeners with the whole story including the recycling hauler's perspective.

Lee described the project by saying, “It was a challenging opportunity to explore and uncover the multi-layered recycling program at SCSU. I learned that while students throw their plastic, aluminum and glass items into the recycling bins, often the recycling effort is trashed.”


Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf Podcast

stumpf_john155.jpgSt. Cloud State University's Herberger College of Business sponsored their first in a series of executive leadership speakers on October 24, 2007. Wells Fargo President and CEO John Stumpf impressed a capacity crowd in the Ritsche Auditorium with his sincere and inspiring presentation.

In this KVSC podcast, you'll hear about Stumpf's experiences growing up in a family with eleven children in rural Minnesota, his college experiences and how his work ethic has led him to be one of the top banking executives in the country. Stumpf talks about the history of Wells Fargo and the company's progressive guidelines and philosophy toward its employees in a global economy.


Archeology Dig--Shoemaker Hall Podcast

big_archeology_image.jpgStudents at St. Cloud State University gain hands on experience in a summer archeology class. KVSC sent reporter Donny Daubanton to capture the sounds, methods, and discoveries of a summer 2006 dig in front of Shoemaker Hall.

This eldest dormitory on campus (built in 1915) flanks the Mississippi River and is a known home of early settlers and Native Americans prior.You'll get a glimpse into how history is all around usand how a university professor brings it to life for her students.


Tibetan Monks-Sand Art Podcast

tibetan_monks.jpgIn April 2006 St. Cloud State University hosted an amazing exhibit and performance from the famed Tibetan Loseling monks of the Drepung Monestary. Atwood Memorial Center's (student union) art gallery was a four-day home for the monks as they created a mandala sand painting. Students, faculty and community members were entranced by their intricate work with tiny particles of colored sand. Astonished it would be destroyed once complete.

KVSC's news director during their visit was Samrat Kharel--a Nepalese national. Kharel produced this award winning radio feature on the monks breathtaking work. He tells their story with eloquence and from a perspective most Americans can hope to learn from.


SCSU: Party Mythology Podcast

Is St. Cloud State University's image as a party school based on reality and facts or myth and perception? In this podcast, KVSC's Adam Sebestyen and Jon Mortensen ponder this with poignant questions to students and campus leaders such as President Earl Potter, Dr. Robert Reff of the UChoose program, and Director of the Center for Student Organizations and Leadership Development Matt Trombley.


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