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Granite City Radio Theatre Musical Guest Erik Koskinen on KVSC

Songwriter and producer Erik Koskinen has long been a part of the local music scene— even before he moved to Minnesota. Now living in St. Peter, Koskinen has opened a new studio in nearby Cleveland, Minnesota and continues to write songs and produce music by many of the outstanding artists from across the state.

Erik Koskinen recently spoke with John Drake about both songwriting and production. Additionally, he talked about the differences between the Minnesota and Nashville music communities, and on the importance of arts and music education locally, to help produce the next wave of budding songwriters.

Erik is the musical guest on the winter 2018 installment of KVSC's Granite City Radio Theatre, December 5th at Pioneer Place Theatre. The podcast features two tracks from Koskinen's most recent LP "Cruising Paradise."


Party Favor: Max from Wilderado

Since 2016, Wilderado has released 3 EPs and numerous singles that garnered a lot of online attention and manifested into festival appearances at Bonnaroo in addition to dates with Band of Horses and Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie. Sydney Wolf of the KVSC Music Department speaks to Max Rainer of the lush indie rock band Wilderado about their tour with Sure Sure, the writing of their latest EP 'Favors' and the music scene in Tulsa, Oklahoma where two of the members are based.

Take a listen to the conversation and the title track off their 'Favors' EP!


Folk Legend Peter Yarrow Returns to Central Minnesota

Peter, Paul and Mary have been a bright beacon on the folk music scene since 1961. The trio's music figured prominently in the Civil Rights movement and the anti-war protests during the '60's.

Since the death of Mary Travers in 2009, both Noel Paul Stookey and Peter Yarrow still tour, and sometimes together. Yarrow—who has numerous ties to Minnesota—believes, as a musician, he must combine social activism with his concerts, especially in the current political climate.

Peter Yarrow shares his thoughts on the lasting legacy of Peter, Paul and Mary with John Drake in this podcast. Peter also talks about some of his important advocacy projects—Operation Respect and Better Angels—prior to his October 19, 2018 performance in Sartell for the Granite City Folk Society.


Genital Panic On Undercurrents

Tina Schlieske is probably best remembered locally as the leader of Tina & The B-Sides, the Minneapolis band that released eight records from 1987-1999. Tina then relocated to Santa Barbara, California and has continued with various musical projects, returning occasionally to Minnesota.

Looking for a way to channel her frustration over misogyny in U.S. culture and the current political state, Schlieske has recruited four Austin, Texas musicians and formed Genital Panic, a feminist political punk band.

KVSC's "Undercurrents" punk rock show host Xakk G. Asphodel was able to track Tina down to chat about Genital Panic and the EP the band recorded recently. Both Xakk and Tina remember being influenced by political punk in the 1980's and '90's, and wonder where the political punk bands are currently.


The Baddest Hats in the Whole Dang Town

Kerry Alexander, principal songwriter and lead of the Minneapolis indie pop outfit   Bad Bad Hats spoke with Chris G. of Crispy Critics about the new Bad Bad Hats full-length album 'Lightning Round', the growth she has witnessed since starting the band, and what they get up to when they are not touring/making music. If you like Bananagrams, using the Shazam app, or the footwear clogs then this is especially for you! Taken from Crispy Critics aired on August 15, 2018.

Joe Reinhart Yaps About

Musician and producer Joe Reinhart, currently the guitarist of Philadelphia-based indie rock quartet Hop Along, spoke with Crispy Critics host Chris G. about his experience co-running a recording studio called The Headroom in Philadelphia, the newest Hop Along record 'Bark Your Head Off, Dog', and the band's upcoming sold out show at the Turf Club on June 13th.


Check it out for insights from the mind of Joe Reinhart! Taken from Crispy Critics aired on June 6, 2018.


Crispy Critics: Robert Gordon

Free lance writer and filmmaker Robert Gordon recently published "Memphis Rent Party--The Blues, Rock & Soul in Music's Hometown." (Bloomsbury Publishing) Gordon's sixth book is a collection of short pieces that pull together some of the colorful characters that have defined the music scene in Gordon's hometown.

John Drake recently had a conversation with Gordon about some of the Memphis musicians who are important to him, the spirit of the city, and the connection of St. Cloud to Memphis via the Mississippi River. The podcast includes music by Jim Dickinson and The Fieldstones--songs that appear on the companion double LP for "Memphis Rent Party," issued by Fat Possum Records.


Crispy Critics: Teague Alexy

Duluth musician Teague Alexy--who also plays in The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank--grew up in Philadelphia, and fondly recalls the sounds of Irish traditional music sung by his grandmother, in the house he grew up in.

Alexy's most recent project is a collaboration with Trampled By Turtles mandolin player Erik Berry. The CD "Irish American" was recorded in Minneapolis with a band that includes members of Trampled By Turtles and Pert' Near Sandstone. The collaboration channels Alexy's memories of growing up around traditional Irish sounds.

John Drake and Teague Alexy discuss the recording of "Irish American" just after the CD's release in December 2017, as well as Alexy's interest in incorporating more aspects of storytelling in his recent music.


Crispy Critics: Stanton West

Viroqua, Wisconsin musician Stanton West has long been an organizer in the Stevens Point music scene, spreading fun as the artist formerly known as the Reverend Eddie Danger. He released 11 albums under his previous name.

Part of West's transformation is expressed on his most recent CD, "Songbird"--a tale of an injured bird who leaves the nest, travels among friends and foes, and returns home significantly changed. The CD was recorded in California with multi-instrumentalist Joe Craven, who has worked with Jerry Garcia and David Grisman.

In December 2017 John Drake spoke with Stanton West before a show in St. Cloud with Teague Alexy, and the two discuss the travels that led to West's recording of "Songbird."


Get to know Goodbye Lucy Grey

Goodbye Lucy Grey released their debut EP "Beautifully Broken" in 2016 and has since grown as people and as a conglomeration of talented musicians creating emotive music that younger and older generations alike can vibe with.

Cathy and Cam of the St. Cloud-based band, Goodbye Lucy Grey stop by the KVSC Studios to speak with Chris G, host of Crispy Critics, giving insight into the band's upcoming new material, their journeys of making music videos, and a wild story about a fateful encounter with raccoons. P.S. Save the Bees!

Get to know Goodbye Lucy Grey before they take the stage at KVSC's Spring Concert on Saturday, April 14, 2018.


Bruise Violet Shares Tales of Trio's Success

Crispy Critics host Chris G. speaks with Danielle Cusack of Bruise Violet,  thedrummer and oldest member of the young Twin Cities-based 3-piece punk band about the band's origins, their favorite hobbies, and their future musical plans. 

Bruise Violet has 2 self-released EPs under their belt among a plethora of live shows played including spots with Babes in Toyland, Doomtree, and an episode of The Lowertown Line. Get acquainted with Bruise Violet before they rock the stage at KVSC's Spring Concert on Saturday, April 14, 2018.


Nate Sipe of Pert Near Sandstone Chats with the Root Cellar's Bridget on the Eve of their November 2017 Performance in St. Cloud

Root Cellar host Bridget chats with modern string band member Nate Sipe of Pert Near Sandstone about Pert Near's history, their current sound, and style as well as evolving as a band.
The 5-piece Minnesota based group tours again with their latest release Discovery of Honey (2016) and is joined by a founding member Ryan Young, of Trampled by Turtles. Nate and Bridget discuss having Young collaborating with Pert Near again, the creation and themes of the album and their future plans. Plus some fun little extras along the way! 


Crispy Critics: Blues legend Joe Louis Walker discusses his career in music

Blues Hall of Fame guitar player, Joe Louis Walker recently returned to Minnesota to play the Santiago Shakedown 15. He spent some time talking with John Drake about his more than 50 years playing blues and gospel music.

Walker looked back on his days working with the many notable blues legends while growing up in the Bay Area music scene of the 1960's and 70's. He calls himself a "tweener," influenced by the blues legends and still able to pass the torch to the new wave of up-and-coming blues musicians.

Walker continues to push stylistic boundaries and tour extensively in support of his 2015 Grammy nominated album "Everybody Wants A Piece." Additionally, Walker is promoting a new initiative, "Blues Against Racism, Blues for Love," using the tools he has for peaceful resistance. 


Cactus Blossoms' Jack Torrey Discusses the Band and Twin Peaks

Jack Torrey of The Cactus Blossoms talks about the band and playing on “Twin Peaks”.

In June 2017, The Cactus Blossoms songwriter Jack Torrey took time to speak with John Drake, prior to the group’s appearance at Pioneer Place Theater, celebrating 50 years of KVSC.

Jack talked about forming the band with his older brother Page Burkum – how the duo listened to classic Americana and country music to build their sound.

Later, Torrey revealed details on the recording of their 2016 breakout CD “You’re Dreaming” on Red House Records. The record helped The Cactus Blossoms gain recognition and led to a big break. Recently, the band worked with the crew of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” appearing in an episode of the Showtime reboot of the TV classic.


Craig Minowa of Cloud Cult on The Seeker Album and Film, Inspiration and Surviving Loss

Cloud Cult founder Craig Minowa joined KVSC in September 2016 for an extended and candid interview.

Minowa and Jo McMullen talk about the creative process of their new film The Seeker, which is a visual representation of their latest album of the same name.

He also reveals what inspires the band when performing, his understanding about the connections between us... and our ability to survive loss.


KVSC learns the unique sounds of Sondorgo band at Winnipeg Folk Fest 2015

Sondorgo with KVSC at WFF 2015Members of Hungary band Sondorgo joins KVSC's Mike C and Bridget B at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

We talk about their unique sound and growing up together in a musical family. They play a couple songs for us in the fiery Balkan tradition.


Steph Cameron talks about the joys of living in isolation aiding her songwriting

Steph Cameron plays for KVSC at the Winnipeg Folk Fest 2015Steph Cameron talks about the joys of living in an isolated life and how that has influenced her music and songwriting.

Steph talks about recording records and she plays her music for KVSC live at the Winnipeg Folk Festival 2015


Dave Simonet, frontman of Trampled by Turtles Lengthy conversation with us at WFF 2015

Dave Simonet from Trampled by Turtles interviews with KVSC Dave Simonet, frontman of Minnesota's favorite Duluth base band Trampled by Turtles, sits with Mike C and Bridget B for a long talk about topics ranging from creation of the band, finding their way to success, and how they keep inspiring as the band matures.

Their latest album, "Wile Animals", the style of each recording and why the difference is so important to Dave and his band members, was also discussed.


The Xylouris White plays for KVSC at the Winnipeg Folk Fest 2015

George Xylouris and Jim White of the Xylouris White band play for KVSC at WFF 2015George Xylouris, Greek singer and lute player, and Jim White, an Australian drummer, join forces to make the duo of Xylouris White. Together their worldly influences combined into something beautiful.

Something they brought to KVSC's live audience at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. These master innovators play their music and talk about personal musical influences and touring around-the-world.

George amazed us with how many hours he once played straight. Take a listen and prepare to be impressed. 


Third time winnipeg folk festival artist Matt Andersen joins KVSC tent for an interview

Matt Anderson interviews with KVSC crew at WFF Canadian blues and roots singer songwriter Matt Anderson joins KVSC crew, Mike C, Bridget B, and Mitch B, at Winnipeg Folk Festival to modestly talk about his lengthy and successful career.

As a third time Winnipeg Folk Festival artist, he is laid back and relaxed. His most recent album, Weightless, is a soulful production featuring musician Amy Helm. 


Winnipeg Folk Fest 2015 Interview with Robyn Hitchcock and Emma Swift

Robyn Hitchcock and Emma SwiftOur crew was lucky enough to catch up with Robyn Hitchcock together with Emma Swift at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Robyn brings humor and his eccentric style ... Stage Freight


Louisiana based folk musician and cello player Leyla McCalla Talks with us at wff 2015

Leyla McCalla interviews with KVSCLeyla McCalla, a Louisiana based folk musician and cello player, stopped by the KVSC tent at the Winnipeg Folk Festival to bring her talents to our group.

Leyla has played with the Carolina Chocolate Drops and now performs solo as a trained classical musician with a new musical perspective. 


Jon Miller of Ginstrings talks about band's evolution and progress on second album

Ginstring perform at KVSC concert

KVSC Music Director Sammich spoke with guitarist Jon Miller of Minneapolis bluegrass group Ginstrings.

Ginstrings will be performing at KVSC’s Charlie Squared with Gin concert at the Pioneer Place Theater on May 25th with Charlie Parr and Charlie Roth.

Sammich and Jon talked about life on the road, the group’s evolution since the release of their 2014 debut album, and the band’s current progress on their second album.

This program is funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy Grant.


Charlie Parr talks about

Charlie Parr performs at KVSC ConcertOver the past couple decades Duluth musician Charlie Parr has rose to become one of the prominent voices in Minnesota and folk music. His 2015 album “Stumpjumper” was his first album released on St. Paul folk label Red House Records and it was his first record to feature a full band.

“Stumpjumper” was adored by critics and fans alike, and was voted as KVSC’s number one album of 2015. KVSC Music Director Sammich spoke with Charlie Parr on the phone in anticipation of KVSC’s “Charlie Squared With Gin” show on May 25, 2016.

The pair discussed the recording of “Stumpjumper”, his touring experiences in Europe, and some clues to his next album. They also talked about Parr’s new hobby of using Instagram.

This program is funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Legacy Grant.


Eliza Gilkyson Reflects on Songwriting with John Drake

Eliza Gilkyson KVSCRed House Records recording artist and member of the Austin Music Hall of Fame Eliza Gilkyson played a show at Bo Diddley’s Pub and Deli in St. Cloud April 7, 2016.  Prior to the concert, Eliza spoke with KVSC DJ John Drake from her home in Texas.

Eliza and John spent some time talking about songwriting and the subtleties of the craft when creating socially-conscious music.  Gilkyson addresses the necessity of keeping the dialogue open and the importance of providing a level playing field for minority and marginalized voices. Gilkyson also speaks about her Casa De Musica songwriters workshop, which is held in northern New Mexico.

The interview feature also includes some of Gilkyson’s music, including a tune from her 2014 CD “The Nocturne Diaries,” nominated for a Grammy in the Best Folk Album  category.


A very enlightening discussion with Leonard Summer

Leonard Summer with KVSC at Winnipeg FestManitoba Musician and Anishinaabe man, Leonard Summer, joined Mike C and Bridget B at the Winnipeg Folk Festival to bring a native indigenous cultural perspective to the current music scene and some of the challenges that face their culture.

Leonard also talks about how he has mixed hip-hop, poetry and country music. A very enlightening discussion worth the listen!


Dan Mangan rebrands as Dan Mangan and Blacksmith

Dan Mangan with KVSC

Vancouver, BC based musician Dan Mangan talks with KVSC at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

We talk about his new efforts of rebranding as "Dan Mangan and Blacksmith".

We also hear Dan's Minnesotan accent impression!


Ginstrings play for KVSC at Winnipeg Folk Festival

Ginstrings with KVSC at WFFUp and coming local Minnesotan group, Ginstrings, talk with KVSC at the Winnipeg Folk Festival about the trials and efforts of establishing themselves as a vibrant local band.

Ginstrings performs their catchy bluegrass/folk tunes for us live!  


JD Wilkes graced us with slamming harmonica jam

JD Wilkes Banjo and harmonica player JD Wilkes graced the KVSC tent at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and floored us with his live performances!

This Kentucky musician knows how to balance rockabilly and roots music just right and has played for acts such as Merle Haggard and Wanda Jackson.

Listen to him bust out a slammin' harmonica jam!


Jeremy Fisher, Winnipeg Folk Festival and KVSC

Jeremy Fisher with KVSCJeremy Fisher brings his talents to the Winnipeg Folk Festival and KVSC's tent.

Canadian singer songwriter sings us his song 'Cigarette' and talks about making a stop motion animation video for it.


Brian Hurlow of Minneapolis Band Carroll talks about Recording New Album with Jon Low

Carroll BandMinneapolis 4-piece band Carroll has gained a lot of acclaim ever since they released their 2013 EP “Needs”. They were voted by City Pages as the best new band of 2013, and they’ve played a countless number of shows in Twin Cities since then, with other notable local and national bands alike.

Carroll released their highly anticipated debut full length self-titled album on September 18, 2015, and it has been praised by critics for its highly layered dreamy psychedelic pop. Music Director and long-time Carroll fan Sammich spoke with Carroll frontman Brian Hurlow about the band’s new album.

They talked about how the album was recorded and produced in Philadelphia by Jon Low, who has worked with big acts like The National, Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten, and The War on Drugs among many others. Sammich and Brian also talk about Brian’s songwriting styles and what is in the works for Carroll. Sammich also got all the details on a mysterious friend of Carroll’s named “The Wiz”.


Bad Bad Hats Frontwoman Kerry Alexander Talks About Laughing with Salads and Chick Flicks

Kerry from Bad Bad Hats and KVSC staff membersMinneapolis indie pop band Bad Bad Hats have been a whirlwind of success since they performed on Monday Night Live on KVSC in November 2014.

They released their debut full length album “Psychic Reader” in July 2015, have released two captivating music videos for the songs “Midway” and “Shame” and have been on a tour across U.S. supporting The Mynabirds.

While on one of their tour stops in Colorado, Bad Bad Hats frontwoman Kerry Alexander took the time to chat with Music Director Sammich about the new album and the group’s polished sound, Kerry’s fondness for romantic comedies like “A Walk to Remember”, and the joys of running around Minneapolis while laughing at a salad.

Bad Bad Hats performed in their home turf of Minneapolis a few days later to a sold out crowd at the 7th Street Entry.


Birds of Chicago talk with KVSC crew at Winnipeg Folk Festival

Birds of Chicago with KVSC staff at WFFAllison Russell and JT Nero along with current band members of Birds of Chicago bring their good vibes to the KVSC crew at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Together with Bridget B and Mike C, they discuss how the band formed, their spiritual sound and how making music together as been magical.

As they have a new record on the way, they moved from a DIY approach to putting their music out to the public to using management to help out.



Francis Ximenez of Strange Names Talks about New Album and their return to the land of 10,000 lakes

Strange Names - Use Your Time Wisely

Minneapolis band Strange Names have been on the rise since they moved to New York where they recorded and released their debut full length album “Use Your Time Wisely” on Frenchkiss Records, which was released on May 18, 2015.


Strange Names made their return to the land of 10,000 lakes in July with performances at the 7th Street Entry and the Turf Club.

Music Director, Sam McIntosh, spoke on the phone with Strange Names guitarist Francis Ximenez a couple days before the band’s return to Minnesota. They spoke about the band’s new album, define the genre “next wave”, and discuss the differences between the Midwest and east coast music scenes.




Interview with Kaleb Williams of Harbor and Home

Kaleb Williams - Harbor and HomeOn Thursday May 21, 2015 KVSC presented Jeremy Messersmith with Minneapolis based indie-Americana band Harbor and Home at the Pioneer Place Theater in St. Cloud.

In advance of the show, Assistant Music Director Gabe Anderson had a conversation with Harbor and Home lead singer and guitarist Kaleb Williams. The two talked about the band’s message, their electrifying stage presence, and the process of self-releasing the band’s debut album Dark Days.Williams also talked about the band’s process of songwriting saying that the band “writes what’s on their heart”.

Harbor and Home went on to put on a fantastic performance at Pioneer Place which caught the attention of many including the St. Cloud Times. The interview includes the song “I’ll Be Around” by the band which is the last song on their debut album.


Kleis Kleis Baby-Jay Terry & Collective Unconscious

There was a very special moment at KVSC's Granite City Radio Theatre at the Pioneer Place Theatre on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

Writer, actor, and host of GCRT Jay Terry along with Collective Unconscious brought down the house with his send up of "Kleis Kleis Baby", ala Vanilla Ice.

It was the culmination of Jay Terry's over the top and adorable impersonation of the honorable mayor Dave Kleis, who has attended many of the radio theatre events.

If you live in the Granite City or used to call St. Cloud your home, you'll love this homage to its current mayor and its residents! 


Black Diet's Jonathan Tolliver Dishes on Soul Funk Sound

Black Diet at KVSC concertMinneapolis garage soul band Black Diet are one of the most talked about up and coming local bands around the Twin Cities. They’ve won several local awards including Vita.Mn’s Are You Local? 2014 and First Avenue and Radio K’s Best New Bands of 2013.

Black Diet released their debut full length album “Find Your Tambourine” on April 19, 2014. Prior to playing at the KVSC May Day Jam and Jive concert and the Red Carpet Nightclub, lead singer Jonathan Tolliver talked on the phone with KVSC Music Directors Sammich McIntosh and Mitch Brosteau. McIntosh and Brosteau talked with Tolliver about their recent performance on the TPT program The Lowertown Line.

They also talked about the origins of the name Black Diet, and the band’s evolving sound, drawing comparisons to bands like Fitz and the Tantrums and LCD Soundsystem. Black Diet will be touring around the festival circuit this summer, and are currently working on their sophomore album. 


Jeremy Messersmith discusses Letterman, Star Wars, and Caprese Salad with KVSC

Minneapolis-based singer songwriter Jeremy Messersmith played a laid back set of music to a sold out crowd at the Pioneer Place Theatre on May 21st, 2015. Prior to the show Messersmith spoke on the phone with KVSC Music Director Samantha “Sammich” McIntosh.

McIntosh and Messersmith talk about several of Messersmith’s recent endeavors following the release of his 2014 album “Heart Murmurs”. Messersmith talks about playing for, and feeding, advertising agencies and film execs. Messersmith reminisces on highlights of the last year like playing at Rock the Garden and on The Late Show with David Letterman.

McIntosh and Messersmith also talk about his current “supper club” tour, and their favorite pot luck meal dishes. Messersmith is currently trying out new songs on this tour, some of which he played at the Pioneer Place Theatre show.


Springtime Carnivore altar ego Greta Morgan talks about her debut album with KVSC Music Director Sammich

Greta MorganLos Angeles-based musician Greta Morgan has played in several bands over the past decade including The Hush Sound and Gold Motel. Morgan is now performing under the solo project Springtime Carnivore, for which she released her debut self titled album out on Autumn Tone Records on October 31st, 2014.

KVSC Music Director Samantha “Sammich” McIntosh spoke on the phone with Morgan a few weeks after her album’s release, and they talk about the anonymous origins of Springtime Carnivore. Morgan also talked about writing, recording, and producing most of the album herself, with producer Richard Swift (The Shins, The Black Keys, Foxygen) co-producing on a few songs. Springtime Carnivore’s debut album is a refreshing mix of ‘60s surf rock, pop, and psychedelia, with plaintive lyrics and catchy hooks.

Springtime Carnivore has opened up for acts like The Dodos and of Montreal, and is currently supporting Father John Misty on tour.


Molly Rankin from Indie pop band Alvvays talks about their rise to #1 on the CMJ charts

Alvvays KVSCToronto indie rock band Alvvays released their debut album on Polyvinyl Records in July of 2014. Their self titled album rose to number one on the CMJ charts on August 5th, 2014. The album was recorded at fellow Canadian artist Chad VanGaalen’s home studio.

Alvvays crafts a sound that combines ‘60s surf pop with some darker ‘80s tones. Their album touches on issues like quarter-life crises, alcoholism, lost love, and insecurity.

KVSC Music Director Samantha “Sammich” McIntosh spoke with the band’s frontwoman Molly Rankin on the phone prior to their December 11th show at the Turf Club. McIntosh and Rankin discuss the themes and metaphors of the storytelling in the band’s lyrics. They also talk about the cookie monster, and Matthew McConaughey in space. 


Unicus Harry and Natalie Fine of More Than Lights About Headlining the May Day Jam & Jive Concert

Minneapolis band More Than Lights have garnered a strong fan base by creating songs that span different genres such as blues, hip hop, and jazz.

Their last album “Sights & Sounds” was released in 2012, and the band is currently working on their follow up. KVSC Music Directors Sammich McIntosh and Mitch Brosteau spoke on the phone with the band’s leaders UnicusHarry and Natalie Fine, prior to their headlining performance at the KVSC May Day Jam and Jive concert at the Red Carpet Nightclub on May 1, 2015.

They talked about lineup changes in the group and how the group has managed to keep up a steady following over the years. A new More Than Lights album is expected in early 2016.


Lucy Michelle Shares Inspiration and Details on Her New Band Field Trip

KVSC presented Minneapolis singer-songwriter Lucy Michelle to a sold-out audience at Pioneer Place on Fifth December 3, 2014.

Prior to the show Lucy spent time with John Drake to talk about playing the Granite City Radio Theatre and with house band Collective Unconscious. She performed songs from her first solo recording “Attack of the Heart” that night.

During the interview, Lucy Michelle spoke about the inspiration behind and the recording of her 2013 solo album. 
Lucy mentioned how recent life experiences—marriage and family—helped shape the formation of her new band Field Trip. Working on a new album, this four piece is made up of members of her first band, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles. Lucy is an energetic artist and is constantly engaged in making new music.
This podcast includes three songs from the “Attack of the Heart” CD.

Tony Glover Discusses Legacy Set And Memories of Dave Ray

St. Paul-based Red House Records released “Legacy,” a 3 CD retrospective on Minnesota blues guitarist Dave Ray, that was released in late October 2014. The music for “Legacy” was pulled from rare, unreleased performance tapes and out-of-print studio recordings, which were expertly compiled by Ray’s musical partner for 40-plus years, Tony Glover

Glover played harmonica with Dave Ray in the legendary trio Koerner, Ray and Glover, and in a variety of side projects, until Ray’s death on Thanksgiving Day, 2002.

In November 2014 Tony Glover joined John Drake via telephone to talk about the “Legacy” CD. Glover puts the Koerner, Ray and Glover story in perspective and remembers Ray’s dedication to playing guitar and the blues, while sprinkling in a dash of the sardonic humor which Dave Ray was known for.

Tony Glover’s memories shine light on one of the important Minnesota music groups, while illuminating the talent of the late Dave Ray. 



Northern California band Achilles Wheel independently released their second CD, “Stones To Sand” in the summer of 2014.  Although the band is relatively new, individual members have been contributing to Sierra Nevada mining town bands for many years.

One of Achilles Wheel’s founding members, guitarist Paul Kamm, best known for duet work with his wife Eleanore MacDonald, spoke with KVSC’s John Drake in October 2014. 

Kamm talks about the formation of Achilles Wheel, ways that bands can self-promote in this day and age, and remembers songwriter Utah Phillips, who lived in Kamm’s hometown of Nevada City, California for 27 years.  Phillips was a big influence on Kamm as a writer and a conscious world citizen.  Kamm’s reflections on life and the arts are gracious and thoughtful.

The podcast features some songs from “Stones To Sand,” including “From the Fire,” a song written by Kamm and MacDonald in tribute to Utah Phillips. 


Soundset 2014 Rap Up with Toki Wright, Big Cats, Big Quarters & KVSC

With 2014 already shaping up to be a great year for Minnesota Hip Hop, Soundset returned to make history. From its humble beginnings in a South Minneapolis Warehouse to selling out all of the 30,000 tickets, Soundset has become one of the premier Hip Hop festivals in the country.

This year fans were spoiled by performances  from over 45 artists which included Wiz Khalifa, Nas, Cypress Hill, Chance the Rapper, Lizzo, Ab-Soul, Toki Wright & Big Cats!, Rapsody, deM atlaS and the homecoming of Southside stalwarts: Atmosphere.As fans were torn over which performance to watch, KVSC’s Derek and JT took to the festival to capture some of the sights and insights from Soundset Sunday.   



Bluesman Ray Bonneville Shares His Story with KVSC's Bridget

Song 'n groove man Ray Bonneville discusses parts of his musical career with the Root Cellar host Bridget in May 2014 as his touring schedule brought him through Minnesota once again.  Canadian born and
Austin based, Ray is out with a new album released April 2014, Easy Gone, and has found a nice home with Red House Records. 

Bonneville talks of his musical influences, recording his new album, and the aspects of song writing and performing.

Sit back and enjoy an inside glimpse into a musical troubadour.


KVSC's Music Department Interviews Har Mar Superstar

Music Director Dr. Beard and Derek team up to interview Har Mar Superstar. They discuss his latest album, Bye Bye 17, how former Minneapolis Mayor, R.T. Rybak, honored him with his own day and what he considers sexy. They also discuss Har Mar Superstar's upcoming show at the Red Carpet Nightclub on April 10, 2014 with GRRRL PRTY and Bomba de Luz. 


An Interview with Sophia Eris of GRRRL PRTY

Assistant Music Director Stephen Leggate dishes it up with GRRRL PRTY’s Sophia Eris on Crispy Critics to talk about how she started rapping, her upcoming projects and making out with Astronautalis. Plus, GRRRL PRTY's gig opening up for Har Mar Superstar at "KVSC's Move to the Groove Boogie Down" on April 10, 2014. 


Lydia Liza of Bomba de Luz

Music Director Dr. James W. Beard and Urban Invasion host Derek Ehlert sit down with Lydia Liza, the lead singer of Bomba de Luz, on Crispy Critics to talk about literature, hip-hop and their new album “Embers.” Plus, Bomba de Luz's upcoming show on April 10, 2014 with GRRRL PRTY and Har Mar Superstar at the Red Carpet Night Club. 


Lizzo of GRRRL Party Talks with KVSC

Urban Invasion host, Derek Ehlert, speaks with GRRRL PRTY’s Lizzo about touring with Har Mar Superstar, her success in the United Kingdom and on becoming a vegetarian. They also talk about GRRRL PRTY performing at "KVSC's Move to the Groove Boogie Down" on 4/10/2014. 


Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank visit the KVSC studios

Teague Alexy and Ian Thomas Alexy, of The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, visited the KVSC studios for a special extended performance and interview in March, 2014. Bridget, the host of The Root Cellar program airing Sundays on KVSC from 4 to 6 p.m., interviewed them.

The Hobos discussed their new album, Number One Contender, in addition to their upcoming performance at the Pioneer Place on Fifth with special guest Ryan Young of Trampled by Turtles. 


Dr. John Sits Down With KVSC

The Triumphant Transient Trio (a group of KVSC staff who covered the 40th Annual Winnipeg Folk Festival) was lucky enough to sit down with the legendary Dr. John during their adventure to the 40th annual Winnipeg Folk Festival. They got down and deep with the doctor, discussing the music industry, spirituality, and what it means to follow one’s dreams.


The Howlin' Brothers at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

A definite highlight from the 40th annual Winnipeg Folk Festival was the appearance of The Howlin’ Brothers. The Nashville group stopped by KVSC’s tent for an interview, as well as a private performance. All in all, it made for a foot stompin’, fist pumpin’, grand ol’ time.


Milk Carton Kids Bring Comedy to the 88.1FM Airwaves

While broadcasting from the 40th annual Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Triumphant Transient Trio was visited by the Milk Carton Kids. The Californian indie folk duo unleashed their deadpan humor on the trio, making for a fun and humorous interview.


Lucy Kaplansky Talks Folk with The Root Cellar's Bridget

Root Cellar host Bridget spoke with Red House Recording Artist and Folk Singer/Songwriter Lucy Kaplansky about her new album Reunion as well as her collaboration with Eliza Gilkyson and John Gorka. This collaboration has taken the form of the band Red Horse, who performed in April of 2013 as part of the College of St. Benedict St. Johns University Fine Arts Programming.


The Root Cellar's Bridget Chats With Indigo Girls Member Emily Saliers Before Her Winnipeg Folk Fest Performance

In this July of 2013 interview just before the 40th Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Root Cellar's Bridget talks with the Indigo Girls' Emily Saliers about the different generations of music lovers who have connected with their music, being an LGBT activist and promoting social change, and Emily's St. Cloud connection. 


Derek and J.T. Catch Up with Chuck D of Public Enemy

Back in December of 2012, Derek Ehlert and J.T. Scott were able to interview the legendary Chuck D of Public Enemy during his Minneapolis stop on his Hip Hop Gods Tour.

They were invited to a press conference before the show, where they spoke with him and were offered them an interview at Seven Sushi Bar. While there, they discussed the importance of college/public broadcasting, the current state of hip hop and the significance of the Twin Cities hip hop scene.


Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 Interview Series: Atomic Duo

Dr. Beard and Captain Kief sat down with Mark Rubin and Silas Lowe, also known as the Atomic Duo,  to discuss how they use traditional genres such as country, bluegrass and gospel to create protest music.

Travelers in the truest sense of the word, they are a dynamic pair of present-day Woody Guthries, rolling up their sleeves, digging in, and broadcasting the voices of those struggling at the bottom. The interview is also scattered with a few live tunes by the Atomic Duo.


Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 Interview Series: Eliza Gilkyson

Eliza Gilkyson joined the KVSC crew, Dr. Beard, Bridget and Captain Kief at the 2012 Winnipeg Folk Festival. In this 14 minute interview Gilkyson discusses Winnipeg  workshops and music collaborations at festivals, releasing her first album 40 years ago when female musicians were a rarity and her recent album Roses at the End of Time.

As a politically minded, poetically gifted sing-songwriter, who has become one of the most respected musicians in Folk and Americana music, Gilkyson has a lot to talk about. 


Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 Interview Series: Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell has contributed to various collaborations over the years, his work has established himself as one of the most sought-after guitar voices in contemporary music. 

The breadth of Frisell’s performing and recording is a testament not only to his singular guitar conception, but his musical versatility as well. In this interview Captain Kief and Dr. Beard discuss with Frisell his performances at the Folk Festival in addition to his vast music career. 


Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 Interview Series: Pokey LaFarge

 Of the many roots musicians traveling the world and spreading the early American music tradition, Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three are the next in line to make a significant impact on music enthusiasts everywhere. In this interview Pokey LaFarge visited the KVSC tent to discuss summer festivals, world travels and maintaining a family throughout all of it during his thriving career. As a guitar-plucking troubadour, LaFarge has an eclectic personality that translates across borders.


Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 Interview Series: Wil-Dog of Ozomatli

In their 17 years of being together, celebrated Los Angeles culture-mashers Ozomatli have gone from being hometown heroes to being named U.S. State Department Cultural Ambassadors. Ozomatli’s music has long followed a key mantra: it will take you around the world by taking you around L.A.

Wil-Dog, the bassist of Ozomatli, sat down with KVSC to discuss Ozomatli’s history and how they got started after the riots in LA, their massive music career, his family associations with Minnesota and his love for the Minnesota music scene. 


Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 Interview Series: Willy Porter

Willy Porter continued to showcase his growth as a songwriter and recording artist at the 2012 Winnipeg Folk Festival. Porter has spent the summer touring for his most recent release, “How to Rob A Bank".

Each song off of the album is a fresh cross-pollination of styles, genres and musical forms. In this interview Willy Porter discusses with the KVSC crew the brilliance of the Winnipeg Folk Festival and how enjoyable the workshops, performances and overall festival atmosphere is. 



Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 Interview Series: Abigail Washburn

Abigail Washburn sat down with KVSC’s veteran deejay Bridget at the 2012 Winnipeg Folk Festival in July. The two discussed folk festival workshops, various world and musical influences and how Washburn almost moved to China to become a lawyer but instead got distracted by a banjo.

That banjo, combined with her powerful vocals, launched Washburn’s entire Nashville-based career. If American old-time music is about taking earlier, simpler ways of life and music-making as one’s model, Abigail Washburn has proven herself to be a bracing revelation to that tradition. 


Slug (from Atmosphere) interview

In this podcast of Crispy Critics, KVSC assistant music director Derek Ehlert speaks with Slug from Atmosphere.  Their tour keeps them out of Minnesota for a large part of summer '12, so get your fix here.


Crispy Critics Macklemore

In this April 2012 edition of Crispy Critics, KVSC Assistant Program Director Derek Ehlert talks to Macklemore about a day in his life, his experiences and expectations of Soundset, and lots of of other stuff.  Check it out!


Dessa Interview

As part of Crispy Critics, KVSC Music Assistant Derek Ehlert had the opportunity to speak with Doomtree's Dessa about her past, her music, and her life as a performer.





Luke Warm & the Cool Hands Perform Live from the 2011 Minnesota State Fair

luke_warm_and_the_cool_hands.jpgKVSC made its annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair on the opening day, Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011. This time around, KVSC tried something new and broadcasted two live performances from the fair. This podcast has the second performance of the day by Luke Warm and the Cool Hands.

Luke Warm and the Cool Hands (also known as LWATCH) are a traditional bluegrass band from Minneapolis who play original music and bluegrass, folk and the occasional polka cover songs. Members include Charles Batko, Luke Kaster, Matthew Kaster, Mchael Periolat, Curtis Wilson and John Poquette. LWATCH is also performing on Monday Night Live on Sept. 12, 2011 at 10 p.m.

Click to view more photos.


Live Interview, Performance with Adam Hammer and Dave Cofell

P8170847small.jpgIn this news feature, Arts & Cultural Heritage producer Jeff Carmack brings you a live interview and performance with Dave Cofell and Adam Hammer. The three will be talking about the “Weekend of Songs: Songwriters Festival” Aug. 19-21, 2011, in St. Joseph at the Local Blend Coffee shop. So stay tuned for a conversation about the songwriting process as well as details about all the different local songwriters, performances, and jam sessions that are coming to town this weekend.


Interview with Gary Louris of The Jayhawks

Louris_Redlight_2010A_PhotoStevenCohen_small.jpgAcclaimed singer, songwriter and guitarist Gary Louris of The Jayhawks performed at the Historic Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud on Saturday, June 11, 2011. The concert, organized by KVSC, was funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant.

Louris has built a loyal following at an international level with respect from critics and peers alike. Best known for his leading role with The Jayhawks, Louris is one of the most acclaimed and popular musicians to come out of the Minneapolis rock music scene. His release "Vagabonds" in 2008 marked Louris' formal launch as a solo artist.

Listen to this MusicCast as Station Manager Jo McMullen takes us through the music of Gary Louris and what was in store for the concert. Louris also discusses his current music projects and what's in store for the future.


Exclusive Interview with Haley Bonar

haley_bonar.jpgAs KVSC prepared for An Evening with Gary Louris and Friends live at The Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud, on June 11, 2011, Station Manager Jo McMullen took timeout to interview Haley Bonar.  The Americana singer/songwriter Haley Bonar was just beginning a nationwide tour and in support of her new album.

Haley Bonar is a Minneapolis artist known for her alternative country and independent style. Bonar's new album "Golder" was recorded at the famous Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minn. and represents her strive to become a better artist, growing with each song she writes. Listen to this MusicCast to learn more about her development as an artist and background on select songs.


History and Origins of Blues

blues2.jpgIt is very hard to live a day without hearing something influenced by the blues. This genre has become very versitle over the years and has left its mark in the evolution of music. Asking how the blues came to be is comparable to asking why water is wet...

The "History and Origins of Blues" scratches the surface on the creation of this toe-tapping music. Diving into the rich culture of different styles from field hollers to piedmont as well as covering some of the vital artists who helped shape the history of the blues. The "History and Origins of Blues" is an audio documentary by Aaron K that is sure to get your mojo working.


Special Edition Crispy Critics Features Exclusive Interview

IMG_6722_small.jpgIn this special edition of Crispy Critics, Monday Night Live Host Dana Johnson takes over as she interviews Big Zach and Joshua from More Than Lights and Kanser. As the show features the music of two alternative hip-hop groups from Minneapolis, Dana reminds the audience of a free concert coming up Nov. 1st.

More Than Lights and Kanser will perform at Pioneer Place on Fifth Avenue in downtown St. Cloud in a special two-hour performance. The show starts at 8 p.m. Nov. 1, and will broadcast live on KVSC 88.1FM. The all-ages show is free and open to the public.


Collective Unconscious-CSNY Deja Vu

Collective_Unconscious.jpgThey've been performing together for a decade in Minnesota. Collective Unconscious is a group of musicians, and really, friends...who believe in the power of good music and how we're all connected deeper because of it.

They're presenting their lastest tribute show at the Pioneer Place on 5th in March 2010.  Jo McMullen chats with these chaps about Crosby Stills Nash and Young's Deja Vu album. The album was released 40 years ago and still has relevance today.  The Collective Unconscious have treated us to the Beatles Abbey Road, Pet Sounds from the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson and Simon and Garfunkels Bridge Over Troubled Water.  Check out how they're going to treat us next with this podcast.  McMullen apologizes for giggles.


Crispy Critics Gets in the Mood for Some Pulled Pork

index.jpegThis week on Crispy Critics, Max and Ben decide to ask questions now and shoot later. First, they bring you the most technical segment of Crispy Critics ever recorded while pondering the concept of "off-kilter" vocals with Thomas Function. Then, they delve into the psyche of depressed hip-hop with Slug and Murs (a.k.a. Felt) by exploring the difficulty of sad music. Penultimately, Ben interrogates Max on the latter's love of mountain-based music with Capybara. And lastly, they get all excited over some upcoming releases while Ben shows why he is not a singing/rapping star:

Tokyo Police Club:


Good Shoes:

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip:


George Maurer's Wayward Journey

about_header.jpgGeorge Maurer's journey is one we've been proud to tag along with at KVSC.  In this podcast, one of Minnesota's most talented and respected jazz performers shares his story--and his latest CD that represents the last five years of his sojourn.

George Maurer is a classically trained composer whose talent travels well beyond jazz. Listen to enjoy an intimate story of hard work, love of music and respectful collaboration.


Crispy Critics Go Punk with Bad Religion

In a special edition of Crispy Critics, the duo of N_1578b_787616.jpgBen Prchal and Mike Jones interview Jay Bentley of Bad Religion for half the show. Bentley, the bassist and one of the original founders of the world famous rock group has been with Bad Religion for over 25 years.

Leading up to this exclusive interview with Jay Bentley, they start with a review of the lighter side of punk with the rock trio Vivian Girls. Then, Mike and Ben continue with their punk theme as they discuss The Bomb, the punk group out of Chicago. Ending this special edition of Crispy Critics is the exclusive interview.


Crispy Critics go European!

wax_tailor.jpgIn this edition of Crispy Critics, Ben and Mike do up an (accidental) all-European show! First, they take a look at the latest from French hip-hopper Wax Tailor (a.k.a. Jean-Christophe Le Saoût), which causes both to marvel at the awesomeness of European electronica and imitate a beer commercial. Then the duo swims across the Channel to the UK for the debut from grrl rock trio Pens wherein they construct a mighty metaphor with sausage. Finally, they bring up another Brit, namely Fink (or Fin Greenall, as his parents may call him), mostly so Ben can go all gushy about his voice*.

*may or may not be true


Crispy Critics--Arctic Monkeys, fun. & more

Arctic MonkeysThis week, in the inaugural edition of Crispy Critics for Fall 2009, Your Humble Music Director, Ben Prchal and Co-Host, Max Brown dig into a couple of debut releases, and the latest from an emerging/established band. First, we review “Why There Are Mountains,” the first release from New York band Cymbals Eat Guitars, wherein Max speaks of punching the sky to watch space bleed. Then we dive into fun.’s debut, “Aim and Ignite,” and I wonder if they can be booked for bowling alley birthday parties. Finally, it’s Arctic Monkeys and their third album, “Humbug,” which caused me to have a crisis of sorts.



Greg Brown Podcast with Jo McMullen

greg_brown.jpgGreg Brown has been a prolific songwriter--fans of his work know how his words can feel just right. During this interview Brown discusses his view on the war in Iraq, the changing tone of America, and his personal little record label housed in an Iowa trailer. The podcast offers a charming insight into this very creative and admired musician.

Brown was feeling upbeat on this summmer day, coming off visiting friends in Superior, Wisconsin and on his way to investigate some nearby lakes for their fish content.


Fred Eaglesmith Podcast with Wayne Bergerson

fred_eaglesmith.jpgWayne Bergerson, KVSC folk music host of 25 years, sat down with an artist he has long admired. Wayne interviews Canadian singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith at the 2006 Winnipeg Folk Festival. Eaglesmith hopped a western bound train as a young man and hasn't stopped writing songs since.

You can sense the connection Wayne and Fred make in this personal interview about the subject matter of Eaglesmith's songs (trains, guy stuff, farms, drinking), work ethic and life experiences.


David Dondero Crispy Critics Podcast

davyd_155.jpgKVSC's Music Director, Jason Schueppert, talks to David Dondero about the troubadour's latest release, Simple Love, Myspace, touring, and his record label, Team Love.

Few songwriters have experienced and expressed the sinking depths and uplifting optimism of humanity like David Dondero, and his ability to shine a light on the human condition (his own included) is inspiring. Dondero is best known for his narrative tales of America. Having spent most of his life on the road, Dave uses his staggering lyrical talent to paint tales of life in the US of A through clever word play and sarcastic humor (as represented in the album title) about some of life’s most sensitive subjects.


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